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Here’s the last video, just in case you haven’t seen it yet:


Each photo & video described.
These videos are meant to be educational but also funny, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

0:00 Intro
0:05 The shop advised to take apart the engine to clean more of the sludge, then perform a couple of engine flushes. The customer never got that done and 6 weeks later the engine was seized. The shop is not sure what the customer did after the engine was seized.
0:22 “Customer came in complaining of noise when turning sometimes after having their struts replaced. Said nothing about the tree they ran over. Removing the branch solved the problem.”
0:32 The customer has owned the truck since new and installed the exhaust himself. The technician could not find any abnormal exhaust noise besides the loud side exhaust that the customer installed.
0:42 No extra info.
0:55 No extra info from the technician at this time, on what the customer will be doing to fix the holes behind the cab.
1:17 The technician said he doesn’t remember but thinks this was on a newer Ford Ranger that only had 9000 miles / 14484 kilometres on it.
1:24 Self-tapping screws almost punctured the top of the fuel tank. The technician is unsure why the customer was going to do the fuel pump himself as it was under warranty. The customer has owned the vehicle since new.
1:35 This very interesting Lincoln Navigator is called the stinkin lincoln.
A viewer shared this with us, and is surprised this is allowed to be on the roads with that random piece of the front bumper.
1:44 Oil filter was replaced and the engine was flushed multiple times as the engine oil hasn’t been changed in forever (did not get exact mileage on the vehicle). This happened last month so the oil filter is around 5 years old.
1:53 A used engine was installed.
2:03 The technician said it needed all new calipers, rotors and brake pads as they were no brake pads left, and the caliper pistons were grinding on the brake rotors. Also inner and outer rid rod ends and an alignment.
2:11 The hat of the brake rotor was broken. The technician isn’t sure how this happened or if the customer broke it themselves when installing new brake pads.
2:23 Since the customer installed the wheel spacers behind the brake drums it pushed the brake drums outwards which causes only half of the brake shoes to apply against half of the inside of the brake drum.
The customer declined repairs to get new brake drums and shoes installed.
2:36 The technician said he does not remember what model of the vehicle this was but it’s the PTU (power transfer unit) that you see broken on this vehicle. It transfers power from the transmission to the rear wheels so the vehicle is AWD.
2:44 “2021 ram 1500 5.7 Etorque with 4k miles. Had a porus head allowing coolant into the combustion chamber. This is a video of the brand-new long block sent by Chrysler. The engine was clearly dropped at the factory as the packaging was undamaged.”
2:53 No vehicle was damaged thankfully!
3:07 Outro. Thanks for watching!


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32 thoughts on “Customer States They Haven’t Serviced Their Vehicle In Years | Just Rolled In

  1. So many dumbshits in this world. I think the dumbest are people that have no fucking clue what they're doing, can't be bothered to watch a couple youtube videos to learn how and think fixing their car that flings them down the road at 90kmh with random junk is a good idea.

  2. I am beyond utterly astonished with some of.

    Like that guy that came in with the exhaust leak in the early part of the video that he tried to fix himself. He brings it into the shop but then declines repairs. What did he think the shop was going to want to do, wrap it in tin foil and duct tape "the right way"? 😄

  3. I got a car that needed an alignment, it need new wheel bearings, new breaks, a tune up, new spark plug wires, a new battery, a new serpentine belt and tires. I got all of the stuff done (including getting wheel bearings pressed) done for less than $700, and I paid $200 for the car. I drove it for 3 years. Never changed the oil.

    One day it quit working. Honestly, I knew it wasnt the oil or anything, I thought it was the starter. I got a new car and let it sit in my driveway until my landlord threatened to have it towed, so I had it towed.

    I had tried to get it jumped because I thought it was the battery. My GF, my dad an even two different pizza delivery guys (when you need a jump, call for a pizza) couldnt get it jumped. Tow truck pulled up, hooked up their little tablet sized jumper to it and the bastard started right up. First time cranking it.

    I spent HOURS trying to figure it out, multiple jumps….blah blah blah. Good riddance, POS. It was a '96 Saturn Sl2

  4. I'll never ceased to be amazed by the wrappings, tapings, ziptyings, shirts, scarves, plastic, foil, aweful stick welds, etc's being used to "fix" and exaust leak (presumably for cheaper?) when exhaust putty IS A THING, isn't expensive, isn't hard to use yourself./ It can't fix any and every leak, or straight up broken lines too well (though some products do say they can). Why do all this janky crap instead of trying that first??

  5. Every time I watch these videos, I’m just astounded as to what’s out on the road. There should be laws in place that state, “if a mechanic deems any vehicle unsafe to drive, that vehicle is impounded until said repairs can be made.” Or something to that effect..

  6. I wouldn't use engine flush even with all that sludge. Oil changes are still better in the long run. Cleaning too fast may clog some holes and seize the engine faster.

  7. One day these people that do their own repairs without having any knowledge about what they are working on will have EVs with high voltage electrical systems and batteries that can burn or explode. Can’t wait to see what happens.

  8. It just blows me away that people invest all that money in a car or truck and then are too damn cheap and lazy to do something as simple and fairly inexpensive as changing the oil.

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