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46 thoughts on “Hunting the thieves that stole from my family ($500,000 REWARD)

  1. From what I can guess, the fire fighters were probably trying to establish if it was arson. And you driving around all over could contaminate a crime scene, albeit a slim chance with the type of land. That's my guess

  2. WhistlinDiesel, you should get a replica of your dads skid loader (and maybe take the engine out so it can’t get stolen?) and park it next to the reward trailer. I think seeing a visual might draw a lot of extra attention, even if it is a common piece of equipment.

  3. are they mad at Cody because he left the cult they still belong to? I like Cody's background. Literally, it is what makes him Gold! I always assumed it was something similar but now it all makes sense. Anyway, fuck those bearded dicktards dude. Jealousy is not a good mood on those boys.

  4. You weren't interfering with the incident and nothing you did warranted the way they spoke to you. Maybe it's a volly thing, idk. But you wouldn't catch me or anyone from my crew talking that way to a member of the public, period. That's a great way to get fired, but then again…. vollies 😆. Also correct, real firefighters don't have beards.

  5. I added a review to Google for the Tippecanoe fire dept. Here's what it said..

    Unprofessional. Surprised this is a fire department because it seems like a hot mess. "You can go! You can go! I don't care, you can go!" what a moron. I hope the other firemen fart in his SCBA Mask to get him back for being such a turd representing their department. May he always be safe, but also may his PASS alarm go off at random times, his boots get wet, and his hood get itchy hairs stuck in it.

  6. I was a firefighter for 22 years, recently retired. That conduct was unacceptable. Surrounding departments and ours worked together and with the community. Ps. Never seen a firefighter fighter with facial hair, (other than a mustache).

  7. When that firefighter called you Whistling Dicks you should’ve said “Hey, only your mom can call me that”😎🤣 bro you should totally wait till they’re sleeping at the fire house and blast the train horn every hour on the hour.

  8. As someone who went from volunteer to career at one point, the volunteers are generally the absolute worst. They’re only in it for bragging rights, and to put lights and sirens all over their personal vehicle, along with 25 “badass firefighter” stickers all over their pickup trucks back window.

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