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23 thoughts on “This Dentist Is INSANE! | MEDICATED MONDAYS #101

  1. Wish I could have made this show live. Mom and sisters, great teeth. My father and my brothers, bad teeth!! No history of hard drugs. Fluoride free since the beginning. Complete hell and pain!!! But there are many preventable things I didn’t do. Lots of advice though. Bongs up. Clove oil can help. Hurts

  2. I think zero mean you pay nothing with insurance… your hikl might be 0.. doubke check… if he sent you somewhere else saying insurance does not cover it here so go there that would mean your insurance covers it and if you use insurance 0 is what you pay not what they pay

  3. Oh yeah i smelled my indica and sativa and noticed that it was different from the just weed smell the sativa has more of that fresh cut grass smell when the lawn is mowed. And indica has a more sweet dark dank smell and sativa is more hazy i guess 😆 it's impossible to describe weed smells LMAO

  4. 17:43 damn that's wild that really sucks man but man i almost don't want to say anything but id be a bad friend if i didn't homie that might have been you better hope it was a squirrel and not a rat cuz a rat leaves urine everywhere and was that shjt? WTF dude that's gross lol i might get tested well if i started showing any kind of flu like symptoms i might go get checked lol. Praying for you man hope everything's going well& that I'm just wrong n paranoid

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