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37 thoughts on “Cop Gets Arrested After Trying To Abuse His Authority

  1. After seeing so many bad cops getting an F. I’m extremely happy to see an officer get an A. Especially when dealing another officer. Because SOO many off duty cops get away because of their “ cop code “. This is also Proof that there are some amazing men and women in uniform and the bad apples don’t reflect the vast majority of other officers that do their job very well, every day! I love this channel because it shows you how to handle those bad apples and it shows the follow up and that cops do get punished when they step outside of the lines. And although I support and have a lot of respect for those who serve. We desperately need more funding, more training and continued training/ learning. To help weed out the bad ones. We also need every officer of any kind wear a body cam. So that we can see the entire interaction, when there is an accusation of any kind!

  2. "we're not above the law" that's so refreshing to hear come from the mouth of a cop while ON DUTY, and arresting a fellow officer. At least we know he does what's right

  3. That cop should have got a a+ we need more like him and I don't like cops esp males we are not above the law glad he is one that knows it and I'm glad he did what he did. I just hope he isnt pushed out for being a clean cop like they do to the clean ones here in Australia. as for the drunk cop he should have lost his job thinking he can get away with drink driving. Glad he thinks its OK to put people's families in danger when his meant to be protecting them.

  4. I wonder how things would've turned out without a bodycam footage.
    I also wonder how many people that Lieutenant manhandled for not listening to him when he stopped drivers suspected of DUI.

  5. Morrison deserves a B-
    Too much favoritism with the "fellow officer" debate. Resisting arrest and bribing an officer are clearly evident yet its ignored. If he truly ment his words "we are not above the law" then why play favoritism?

  6. "super drunk" with only 0.17 xDDD thas funny
    I wanna know how would you call the dude who had 2.9 and was pulled over just for a common roadside inspection. They caught him just a few day ago not far away from my hometown. And we have 0.000 tolerance in our country. You mustn blow anything otherwise you are done for xD

  7. You just KNOW that this guy has been pulled over drunk before and pulled this "do me a favor" crap before AND THAT IT HAS WORKED BEFORE. That's why he's so shocked here.

  8. Video is such a double edged sword. It can be intrusive into our everyday lives while at the same time holding officers accountable. Before bodycam and dashcam no one is going to ever convince me that this officer wouldn't have been driven home. Or at minimum they'd have drove his truck to the next parking lot and let him sleep it off. Now I believe there were many officers who wanted to hold those corrupt cops accountable but back then the backlash would have been too great without evidence and the other officers would've had the bad cops back and most likely the good cop would've got fired before the POS.

  9. This is a perfect example of a 2 tier justice system for cops. You or I would have gotten charged with R&O, felony level DUI and more than likely reckless driving. He did zero jail time and got to keep his job. BS!!!!!

  10. A drunk driving cop, trying to get out of trouble by using his position, and then refusing to comply with another police officers lawful order..deserves to be tased. Mostly because he IS a cop. He’s most likely armed, he has the same or very similar training as these other officers and is actively committing crimes in front of these officers so they have to assume he could potentially pull on them. He’s lucky he didn’t have a boom boom pointed at him

  11. If the roles were reversed and the crimes committed were by a typical citizen, you can be sure they would have thrown the book at the citizen and jail time demanded. There is no excuse for allowing a cop special treatment after endangering the public and only receiving a slap on the wrist as punishment. This why the public has come to hate the police.

  12. The arresting officer deserved an A plus. He did the right thing in an occupation that has depended on Police Unions and the "Code of Silece" among their Band of Brothers to escape accountability. Standing up to this self centered cop that neither cared about the lives of citizens on the highway nor the career of the arresting officer, took courage because retaliation in breaking the "Code of Silence" does happen. One has to question how many times this man has gotten off for showing his badge at first the way he did instead of his license. It's like the man couldn't believe this fellow officer wasn't going along with business as usual , in which one set of laws exists for us and another for them. This guy should have been fired. I don't think there is an occupation out there that exists today with as low an accountability rating as the police. That in itself is criminal in my book. The motto "Serve and Protect " should be removed from every police car till policing in the US can change the toxic culture that exists in the system and actually fulfill that pledge.

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