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44 thoughts on “The Ultimate Smoke Gun available at The ReUp Store website…. – DopeasYola

  1. Great idea sell a plastic smoking product. Why don't I just make a fucking plastic bottle pipe and smoke it would probably give me cancer just as fast.

  2. Can somebody please send me one of these I will send it back just let me use it for a month a solid month and please send me an ounce or two so that I can vaporize a lot of it and Hot box a room with a bunch of my friends I have always wanted to do this but I've never been able to afford to please help me someone I'm begging you I will never ask for anything ever again

  3. How much green is getting burned in that thing to cloud the room? I know you got it like that, but for those that have to plan this out far in advance……….what am I looking at here?

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