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31 thoughts on “How Skunk #1 Changed Cannabis Forever

  1. Mexican dirt weed got me through high school. Then in like 2005 a 20 sac became like 50 to 70 and I said fuck it and moved onto the addictive drug that cost WAY more because I’m a fucking moron.

  2. Sam is garbage and bred the skunk to be sweet. I've run tons of skunk #1. All sweet. Zero skunk. From Mel too. So where is the real skunk that stunk up grocery stores in your pocket? Skunk is extinct. Period.

  3. I remember getting skunk back in the day and haven't seen anything since that could compare to the taste, smell, and just smoking pleasure of it. On the other hand, it could just be that it was just so superior to everything else that my memories of it are based more on that. I would love to get some and see how it compares to the varieties available these days. You know… for science. 😜

  4. Skunk varieties ruined most of the pure landraces. The broad palette of terpines has been abandoned and the terrior of regional flavors can't be duplicated outside of the original country. The exquisite strain of Thai Sativas has been lost for the foreseeable future. Breeding for quantity, mold resistance, plant shape and 'skunk', instead of quality has become the goal. Skunk isn't bad, but there's so much more to weed than skunky indicas. The best Afghan hash comes from skunky indica. I remember the halcyon days of distinctive cannabis imports and the earliest Western hybrids. Now, they're all blurred together. We still have great modern weed and music, but somehow, the 60's (mostly shitty Mexican) & 70's still seemed better for both.

  5. I have a feeling that the "Skunk" being sold in England circa 2015 was actually synthetic weed, the predecessor to what ins now known as "Spice" (and before that K2).
    Skunk #1 (the real weed as opposed to the synthetic)is used more in crosses to stabilize a line, as it's relatively uniform in growth and effect. And being a hybrid meant it would finish faster than a pure land race, whilst still having alot of sativa attributes that people like.

  6. 🤔🗯 Governments want to tell us that consuming Marijuana and having different potencies to choose from is bad but they have the variety of options of alcoholic beverages with different potencies and alcoholic drinks have been proven to be way more destructive towards your personal health and with people end up in altercations and even accidents waaaaay more often, one could say that alcohol can be destructive towards everyone and everything around the consumer. 🤷💭

  7. The right wing movement thrived on throwing people in prison for growing weed in the woods. Places like Indiana had a boondoggle for years eradicating old ww2 hemp….tax dollars fleeced I'm sure to crooked sheriffs, spraying hemp. If you believed this was bad for you then the propaganda worked you mental midgets lol. Seriously IT WILL SUPRESS PTSD SYMPTOMS>>>>> only those that know will understand this. It truly is amazing and brings back a quality of life to those who need most (veterans) that were ironically used up by the neo cons who love nation building adventures. If you have PTSD from whatever reason, some tragic industrial accident for example….you might need to change jobs, you might need to move to an actually free state up North or West but try it. It might just save you life, and give your family the relief you don't understand that they need.

  8. Mel used to write for HT magazine and I think published one of the first grow books. I started smoking and growing in 1977. Wish I could get some of those pure sativa strains back again. Pure giggle-frisbee-boombox bud. Great video ❤️👍🏼🫡

  9. There's plenty of over the counter drugs you can technically get "high" from, but because they aren't as popular and there is not a lot of money to be made from selling them they aren't illegal and don't require a prescription. That's all the drug war has ever been about is money to the feds. If criminals aren't making money off whatever they are selling then they don't care.

  10. If someone is arrested, faces a sentence of 20 years or more, but is released two months later and can even leave the country through official channels, no further evidence is needed to call that person a rat. His luck was that the cannabis community at the time consisted of peaceful hippies and not violent criminals like today, otherwise, he would have been dead long ago.

  11. Maybe Sam the skunk man hired and Attorney and got the charges dropped (Illegal search and seizure or something was wrong with the warrant). Perhaps he skipped out on bail and traveled with a fake I.D.

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