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Each photo & video described.
These videos are meant to be educational but also funny, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

0:00 Intro
0:05 They aren’t sure/were told how much hand sanitizer was put in the engine. Some hand sanitizers have a high concentration of water so being in the engine with the engine oil made it turn into this milky paste.
The engine was flushed as per the customer’s request.
0:15 Washer fluid was filling the front differential via the vent on the top. In the container, you can see a little bit of blue from the washer fluid that was being mixed with the gear oil. The diff cover had to be removed, and the differential was properly cleaned out and filled with gear oil.
0:24 Ford Raptors and other Ford vehicles have upfitter switches inside of the cab, and spots underneath the hood and on the driver’s side to directly connect wires to the switches, which makes it easier to install aftermarket accessories and prevent this from happening. However, this is why it’s important to install fuses into any circuit and/or have a professional do the job.
0:37 The shop replaced the brakes and brake caliper.
0:51 Customer’s complaint was that the brake pedal was soft. They still decided to drive it into the shop and drove through the fence in the parking lot. The truck had a brake fluid leak.
0:57 I wasn’t told if the shop still decided to do the oil change or not.
1:09 “He was cleaning his car and the rag got caught no idea why he had the cover off when it was running. A bunch of bent valves. Customer got the repairs done.”
1:16 The technician said he just randomly saw this crawfish which really surprised him. He and the customer has no clue how it got there.
1:26 A good reminder not to connect wires or anything to rotating parts.
1:36 The restraint control module was replaced.
1:50 Washer nozzle gone wild.
1:55 Vehicle was clean from all the mold. They wanted me to mention the detail person who cleaned it as well.
2:02 The technician is still waiting to hear back from the customer if they are going to get their vehicle fixed. DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE!
2:14 The engine rear main seal was leaking, so the customer tapped a hole in the bell housing to hopefully collect the leaking oil into a catch can. That didn’t work and oil was still leaking onto the ground.
2:25 The inner part of the tire looks to be pretty worn, so the parts that broke could have been rusty for quite a while, and once the customer hit the pothole, it broke them which caused their vehicle to drive “funny”.
2:31 Engine/transmission mounts were broken which caused this violent movement from the engine. The customer approved the repairs.
2:26 Plug from the factory was left in the power steering pump which the customer’s boyfriend never saw when he installed it.
2:43 Initially came in for a head gasket concern. The vehicle needed a ton of costly repairs so most likely why the customer did not approve the repairs, however, it should have been towed away.
2:54 This clip was shared by a viewer who was surprised to see this Ford F-150 still being driven on the roads in this condition. You can also see the passenger rear wheel to be completely full of mud.
3:06 Outro. Thanks for watching!


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49 thoughts on “Customer States She Added Hand Sanitizer To The Engine

  1. There really should be a law that would not allow shops to let seriously dangerous vehicles back on the road.
    The only options should be repair, tow to another shop or scrap it. And only back on the road once the vehicle has been inspected and officially declared safe. Otherwise impounded and scrapped.
    Some people are obviously not capable of maintaining a vehicle to a minimum standard.

  2. Maybe she thought her vehicle would get COVID-19, always a great idea to replace any liquid you have in your vehicle with hand sanitizer to slow the spread

  3. How long till laws come in requiring shops to report people who drove those grossly defective vehicles away? Imagine they killed someone/themselves on the way home, and you were the one that just watched them drive off.

  4. Holy crawfish! Watery oils, brain-dead brake repairs, flappy wheels, and rotten frames. What got me the best was the guy who wanted to wipe the timing chain while running! As always, the scariest thing was hearing "the customer declined repairs." Maybe the best/worst video yet!

  5. Youtube just recommended a video from your channel, I watched 10 more, and am now subscribed. I fear the world after seeing how stupid people are.

  6. I'm a Harley technician, and luckily haven't come across anything this stupid. Mostly just dead batteries from the bike never being used.

  7. My wife's daughter's boyfriend bought a Ford f350 diesel. He had the hood open, and my wife asked why there were 2 batteries. He replied, one for each headlight

  8. I was a Honda service writer for years and just got tired of people bringing in harleys, yamahas, kawasakis and brigs devices in because they are RED & regardless of the name brand on the gas tank & clearly printed in big bold decals on the side panel, people drive and ride things and refuse to learn what Year, Make, Model & Size they ride.
    In way to many cases, even what brand they ride or drive.
    I just couldn't deal with such ignorance from the common person. It is getting even worse over recent years. So many people sign releases in state that they were never told.

  9. I would never accept any work on a vehicle with tires/brakes that bad if they were declining to get them fixed. If they had already left when I saw the problem, they would be signing a waiver of responsibility when they picked it up.

  10. The PS pump with the shipping plug still in the port…I once worked on an AC system where someone had neglected to remove the plugs when installing a new hose. Except in this case the plug broke apart and there were little bits of red plastic absolutely everywhere in the system. Very expensive repair; I ended up in court testifying against the last guy.

  11. The shops should start reporting on vehicles in cases like the last two. Consciously driving with vehicles like this is actual murder waiting to happened.

  12. There`s not only far too many over 75`s causing havoc on the roads but also, there are far too many incompetent garage customers on the roads with no clue.

  13. I really don't understand how do they drive these things and how they are not dead or killed somebody driving in these deathtraps

  14. Greetings from Germany. We have to get our cars every two years to an official inspector, who checks the vehicle if it is still suitable for the streets. You get an official sign on your license plate after the check and if you don't have it and the police sees it, you can get a fine for not letting the vehicle checked or in very severe cases, the police is allowed to shut down the vehicle. We always complain about it (it costs around 56 Euro and if you make an emission test it could cost up until 120 Euro), but when i see, how some americans treat their cars, i'm really glad we have this institution

  15. I never cease to be amazed at the rusted out vehicles on the road in the US. Here in New Zealand we have annual safety inspection and these wrecks would be sent to the shredder long before they get this rotten. I just can't believe frames and suspension members rusted through, we never see cars in this appalling state here. Maybe it's about time the big guys learnt something from the little guys!!

  16. Technician: The owner of that car, did you kill him or what!?
    Customer: Nope! But I’m sure I fckd up his dog…
    Technician: You fckd up his dog… That’s some crazy sht man! 🤜

  17. What's scary is some of these people have actually been permitted to drive. Some of these people are like " I'm grilling inside my house, I'm not sure why it caught on fire "

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