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43 thoughts on “Tony Hawk Returns! – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #58

  1. When Tony Hawk mentioned Upland, I had a flashback of going there for a job interview and it being just a hellhole I never wanted to go back to. I stopped at CVS and the parking lot was filled with skaters and ancient-ass old people and the tension between the two was palpable. I just wanted to get the hell out of there.

  2. I watched Tony Hawk skate at one of his tours when I was a kid, absolutely incredible to watch in person. I really like these Steve-o podcasts but pulling out your phone at the end like that was disrespectful to Tony. One of the GOATs took time out of his day and you clearly show something else is more important, damn.

  3. I love how you said Tony "you werent even that rad!" 😂 What it really means is that even the most skeptical people who want to hate Tony have to admit he has a degree of radness no doubt. If someone does a 900 then they can criticize him. Lol

  4. Well 'stealing a 900' on a vert ramp (although to be honest you need a gnarly vert to get round to a 900), even if others were capable of it. I mean it's so hard literally a handful of the top guys in the world could even do it. Such a high level of slamming super hard too. I still remember watching that x games to this day!

  5. How cool is Tony Hawk? He's seems like a really chill guy, and I really like hearing him talk. I could probably listen to him talk about what he orders at Waffle House or why he thinks Corgis are a supreme dog breed all day. A great combo of a wildcat in Steve-O and a really mellow, composed, funny Tony Hawk. So rad.

  6. Tony Hawk one of the best, highest-quality, self-actualized humans alive, change my mind

    except for supporting the dairy industry 😢

  7. You need to make more dual autographed photos with Hawk for charity, They are so hot!!! And I never even got one, had the chance, had to wait until payday and then they sold out and now they’re nearly triple what you charged. Do it for the charity and us real fans that don’t have a dual signed hawk photo yet! Such an iconic skate duo on 1 piece.

  8. Earnt a re-watch after gui khurys Olympic effort. He was about 12 years old, and broke the spin official record, last chance with Tony hawk standing at the top of the vert. Please Steve-o get that lad on here!

  9. SteveO steveO steveO your views will continue to be low if you don’t get that co-host dude off your show man I’m telling you. We don’t want him

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