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48 thoughts on “Drones are becoming a problem at outdoor shows #mrbungle #gunsnroses #axlrose

  1. It was a killer angle tho lol I think bands should use them at their own concerts to film live videos if they are not already doing so. I know Metallica used them for theatrics while performing moth into flame

  2. Drones can be used as weapons that could fire projectiles or even be fitted with explosives they should be banned at all shows not to mention they could fail at any moment dropping from the air down on top of people below.

  3. They should only be used for plotting land like for real estate. Also, dangerous situations…chasing a criminal, hostage crisis, or fires. If used at a concert, only for making a video by approval.

  4. If you aint employed by the band to film then the obvious don't be a douche bag should apply. I say should because most people that would do this is a douche anyway and are completely selfish as it is so you know they not gonna give a shit

  5. Did they confirm it wasn't just a video crew for the festival? This is pretty common for major festivals to have a drone that takes B-roll footage of the show. Usually it's only there for a couple seconds though. This seems very dramatic

  6. I think drones should be allowed if it is an employed videographer by the band or the festival that knows how to shoot without being intrusive but I agree that fans shouldn't be flying. too much of an uncontrolled situation.

  7. C'mon..really? Ppl dont take in consideration that the other ppl on the crowd has paid a lot of money just to watch and enjoy the show then comes this as***s still stuck in the Pirate Bay era to f**k up everything risking the show to get canceled on the spot and ppl lose their money just cuz this f**n retards.

  8. I'm not surprised at all that Axl Rose had something to say about the drones! Lol! He's always bitching about something lol! If he's on stage and sees a drone he will cancel the show immediately lol! After he throws the microphone on the ground as hard as he possibly can lol!

  9. So the Drones aren't even being operated by people at the actual shows ? Like somebody outside of the arena is in the parkinglot or even down the block at their house controlling it ? What can ya do about it ? I guess if you gotta Gun you can shoot it out of the sky but I can't think of anything else really lol.

  10. screw all ur terrible & infantile drone remedies, each & every member of said band should carry a firearm of that particular members choosing — however all the uh—i mean & every choice of said weapon will fire those F’n ginormous RUBBER BULLETS — in turn — obliterating those pesty flyers all-the-while discouraging said F*CK-WADS at the helm of —- uh….yeah screw em all!!

  11. there shall be contrasting drones in the shape of reptilian forces — ah duh— i mean adversary flight units designed & designated to repel the reprehensible drony drones —- AHEM! what was i saying?

  12. Drones aren’t allowed. It’s illegal to fly them over crowds of people like that, at least in the US. Those propellers can seriously damage somebody if it runs out of battery or crashes.

  13. I think if you respect a band you should respect their desire to concentrate and give their best performance. No they shouldn't need to cope it is very hard to do what they do. Whatever the venue or the bands want to do is fine with me.

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