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Buying a used car? Have it inspected by the Lemon Squad –
The Lemon Squad busts over 1,000 car scams per year –
Should we buy the flood McLaren P1 at Copart?

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45 thoughts on “The Salvage Car Buyers Guide from The Lemon Squad

  1. Used lemon squad and they said the car had not been tuned, and was stock. Then once I got the car it had bad upgrades and the past owner didn't want to get the tune removed so he put it in valet mode. Lemon squad didnt do anything for me and cost me about $5000 from the clurch being shot and only finding out once I got it out of valet mode

  2. From having watched this channel for over two years, all I know for sure is that any Corvette will be severely overpriced because "it's special, it's got these wheels that don't come with normal 'Vettes!" 😁😂

  3. I'm in Vermont, it's horrible. Lol I take my 99 crv from fl to mechanics here and they say wow this thing is CLEAN! Then I drive it to FL and the techs complain that it's so rusty they can't work on it

  4. From the West Coast but lived in Maryland for 4 years. I became a used car manager at a major Ford dealership. When I started appeasing cars I was told don't worry about rust because every car has rust. 🤣💯

  5. Off Lease Only in West Palm Beach, Florida sold me a Mercury Milan that had been in a previous accident. I was subsequently in a horrific accident on I-95 where the entire front end was destroyed and the driver side slammed against a guard rail. The seat belt broke and I wound up in the passenger seat when the vehicles came to a stop. Not a single airbag went off because they were never replaced. The car literally didn't have a single airbag as they were trying to save money flipping this car. Luckily I wasn't seriously injured and just bruised and cut up. The bottom of the engine was scraping on the ground after, that's how bad this accident was for my little car I had put 70,000 miles on in just 2 years. I'm not sure how dealers get away with this crap since that car had originally been equipped with nearly a dozen airbags. You would hope there would be some agencies that inspect these vehicles before a sale but nope.

  6. As a used car dealer that sells a lot of those rebuilt cars down here in miami i make sure every car is rebuilt as best as possible even if I make zero profit but there’s a lot of scummy people down here who will take advantage of people and give used car sellers a bad name

  7. Fun fact, where i live in eastern canada if a car was "wrecked" in a flood, it is a non rapairable vehicle and cannot be registered under that vin in my province.

  8. I live close to a shop that buys totaled/salvage titled vehicles and fixes them, then gets them inspected by the state, then sends them to one of their "connected" dealerships. I'm not against them doing what they're doing, but if their work isn't good then they need to either put more effort into their work or go somewhere else.

  9. In 2nd hand computer parts there’s the half rule, where if it’s half the value of buying new, you can afford to buy the same thing twice if the first one breaks. The issue with cars is that they are far less disposable and far more expensive compared to a computer component

  10. What are you talking about the northwest? Where it snows a lot and rains a lot no rust? You better rethink that one. I lived 6 miles from Canada in Washington state most of my life a lot of my family always been there or Idaho and there’s plenty of rust it’s absolutely he opposite of what he said it’s not even arguable. Even if I didn’t live there and know this it’s common sense fact of the weather😂

  11. Even having taken the risk of buying a salvage vehicle sight unseen, I have to say that most people really should spend the money and make sure that whatever they're getting isn't going to cost them 10 times what they paid for the inspection.

  12. We don't have too many problems with rust here in Georgia.
    I don't understand how there's no rust issues in the northwest. Doesn't it snow there like it does it the northeast? What about rain? Doesn't it rain like mad up there as well?

  13. General rule of thumb is 60% of retail value. Soo impressed with Sons of Anarchy Inspector. Especially like the Lemon Squad Reviews…Simply Stellar!!!

  14. Salvage cars can be great if repaired properly. My charger was underwater in 2016 and I rebuilt it. I just gutted the whole car and replaced every wire, module and the entire interior. The car has been great for the last few years. Had I not replaced everything it would be a mess I'm sure.

  15. I’d be cautious about buying any vehicle from all the buy here pay here lots in SC. You only have to have state safety inspection done when a vehicle is first bought and registered and most people seem to just drive them into the ground and get rid of them. I’d heard from a number of people that you don’t need a license to run a used car lot there and I’ve seen soooo many P.O.S’s sold as is with no recourse. Buyer beware.

  16. If you love a rusty car, you'll love Great Britain. We do a special kind here which turns bolts, into some sort of imaginary link between two items. Nobody knows what it used to be, nobody's sure it'll hold, but if you need to get it off for any reason, it'll be stronger than a cross-threaded wheel nut.

  17. I have no problem buying salvage cars, but I'm a mechanic. I can inspect them for damage myself. I've owned 3 cars with rebuilt titles, a 1994 Honda Civic with no frame damage (probably theft), had a rebuilt title when I bought it. A 2009 Honda Ridgeline that I bought for $2k at a copart auction in Pennsylvania. Fixed and flipped it with no issues. No frame damage, just some minor front end damage, also the propshaft was bent. Last is a 1998 Civic I bought 2 months ago. Got it as an abandoned vehicle from a police auction. Here in Maryland, you have to get a salvage title for abandoned vehicles and put them through rebuild inspect to get tags and plates. Took it a few weeks ago and it passed. Only thing that's bad about it is waiting a month or 2 to get an appointment scheduled since it's done by a state trooper.

  18. Oddly enough I got a 2014 focus that's got a rebuild title. Still weird to be driving something that new to me. Magically traded 110 hotwheels for it 😁

  19. I bought a salvaged title 2016 Malibu hybrid. 32k car I got for 18k. Knew everything about the car before purchase. Never had any issues with it. As long as u know exactly what’s going on w salvage title car I’m a huge fan of them

  20. While I'm sure that there will be wailing and knashing of teeth from some who will call this a 6:20 info~mercial. There is a lot of good information and advice given, AND not once did he even utter the words Lemon Squad.* With that said, Let the games begin❗
    *Correction he did say it once.

  21. NJ is hit or miss, first car was so bad your feet would go through the floor. My 370z was a Florida car I brought back and doesn’t have rust under with 130k miles 😅

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