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‘Hail To The King’ feat. Joe Badolato of Fit For An Autopsy, taken from the new LP ‘Trinity’, out now.

Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Dunne
Vocal Production by Steven Cannatelli
Vocal Performance by Joe Badolato
Voice Acting by Monica Strut and Nathan Duke
A king once said; “if a man hasn’t found something to die for, he ain’t fit to live.”
Well I died for you all, but resurrection’s a bitch. What do you do when a king walks in?
Do you get on your knees, or die on your feet? Do you atone for your sins?

And the mortals sing;
Hail to the King. Get on your knees and bow to me, Do you wanna die for nothin’?
Do you hear those trumpets Gabriel’s playing for me?
A king needs a Queen, and Clara my dear, will you sit on this throne again?
Can I be forgiven?

C: “Of course my love.”
SB: “Well then, let the reign begin.”
J: “Oh, great”.
SB: “Fucking bow.”

King. First order of business; die.
Live by the sword, die by thy hand.
Death rides a horse of pale white; tyranny reigns as the worlds collide.
Bodies of mortal are merged with the throne; kneel to the crown, or die by the stone.

Heaven has no place in this realm. Corpses burn bright; a signal fire for the foes.
Death rides a horse of pale white; he’s coming as the King’s hand of the right.

Hail to the king. When over is thy reign, you will all remember my name;

Sherlock Bones: true king of the Devil’s Throne.

Let the rivers run blood, and be purified by the fire, royal flames, of the great divine.
And when you pay in your death, you shall be revived.
The Hellhound merged worlds so he can never die.
The mortals, the monsters, you all sing;

A kingdom needs a king and a queen and with all this misanthropy I think we’re a perfect fit.

“Let the tyranny begin.”
“Here comes the thunder.”

Samsara ignites the flames of an ancient throne. Throw fire, throw stone, the crushing of the bones.
Mortality has never quite been in my grasp, but I’ll make sure you’ll all feel it when I clap my hands.
Three worlds kneeling isn’t enough for me; 7 billion living, dead, and the inbetween. This isn’t Heaven, nor Hell, this is my tyranny.

“A parting of the clouds brings us a figure to challenge the king of his throne, of his claim. The Narrator who paved a way for the Trinity, paints the final picture for you all to see.”

Streets are overrun with minions of the King; darkness casts a shadow, hope is quickly dwindling.
“These worlds were never meant to merge ’til I was ready to reign; your claim to the throne is feign.
For I am the one who set the apocalyptic clock I gave you keys to the gates knowing you’d all fuck up”.

The King screams; “I choose who lives or dies. My power is everything”.

Quickly cast aside in the pale light, A king and queen fall, like they were pawns all along.
Horrified, the Narrator reveals his true name: Baphicho, King of the First Reign.

“Oh sun, so silent, you showed us the heavens. But at the summit of our divine, we see a mountain inverted; a lie.Now the skies deep red, encircled with anger, collapse upon the world does an evil, fallen from its manger. Or is it rising to an apocalyptic climax? As the ground is scorched by the blood of the innocent and the hated, the skin of the earth; stripped off its back. The Hand of the King, fools gold as it were, has torn the boundaries of God’s will to form my new world; the voice of Narration, and I prologue the last tale;

“I am not a man, but a god, The First Gloom, I am King Baphicho. Thank you Trinity, for releasing me, For tolling this world’s final bell; Heaven hath come, but not before Hell.”

Prepare for finality.
Heaven hath come, but not before Hell.

Rip the earth’s soul from its carcass, tear the earth’s heart from its core.
Blood rains down from hell above, as heaven burns below.

I’ll see you all in the new world;
Trinity, you’ve doomed us all.

In Lore:
With his formal return to the Mortal Realm, Sherlock proclaims himself the new ruler of both the Mortal Realm and the Rabbit Hole, and asks Clara to be his Queen once again. She of course accepts, and the new King begins his reign, but in doing so divides the group.
What comes is a week-long war as Sherlock and Clara rage across the dimensions, aided by DeGraver, Encey, and reluctantly Jay. The Panel remain absent, with their Gatekeepers acting as mercenaries. Rachel joins forces with a group known as the Dark Angels; mortal Valkyrie warriors and Gatekeepers who had been removed from Heaven and fallen from grace.
On the 7th day things take a shift; in a battle between Rachel and Sherlock’s forces, The Narrator finally emerges from hiding after watching Sherlock setup his kingdom. In a turn of events, The Narrator deposes both Clara and Sherlock, revealing himself as King Baphicho. The group realise that they haven’t made a kingdom for Sherlock, they’ve made a kingdom for King Baphicho and his new unified world;

– – –


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21 thoughts on “The Gloom In The Corner – Hail To The King

  1. Great band, super talented, just really don't like how sharptone records does things. countless times ive come across bands on this label where they rip off old sounds from old bands and jam it into their signed bands. in this case, prime example is Ovid's Withering.

  2. I saw that there was an 8-minute song, and decided to save the best for last. I expected brilliance yet I was still shocked by how brilliant it is. The sound is just so unique while still being very metal. It sounds like there was inspiration from how FromSoftware music really describes characters and stuff using music theory, and these guys decided to do that but metal and with their own characters/stories. The sound of it reminds me of Ice Nine Kills at some parts, but really it's unique enough that it's best e plained by an ambitious or unique objective, rather than a bunch of scattered inspiration

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