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‘Behemoth’, taken from the new LP ‘Trinity’, out now.


Video by Shaun Williamson
Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Dunne
Engineered by Mikey Arthur
Vocal Production by Steven Cannatelli
Additional Voice Acting by Jason Mack, Mathew Burgess, Monique Pym, Monica Strut and Nathan Duke

“I have awaited you three; watched and mourned as you’ve travelled across my land with decimation and barbaric cruelty. Yet, I am captivated by you, Ronin; for someone filled with tumultuous thoughts, you have managed to stay alive. You have kept them from a fate bleaker than death, commendable, but the time has come to pay, and it is I who shall be rewarded by your demise. I’ve come for blood, blood, blood…”

“Oh, shut the fuck up.”

Hallowed be thy name.
Stop talking like a cunt, how does thy blade taste?

I said I’d never go back, but I guess I’m used to being pushed to the point where I fucking snap.
Step back, empty the mag. Fuck the ‘shoot to kill; I go for the kneecaps.
Done playing advocate, I tell you I’m hating it. The disdain I feel? You’re feeling it
Shoot the messenger, I’ll fucking shoot back; drag your head to the curb; teeth smashed like glass.

“Have you ever felt a chainsword cut through you like a pig against a blade? Well, feel the pain.”
Die motherfucker, die.

Bite down, hold your tongue; take two steps back, know your fucking place, you fucking rat.
I find pleasure in this, scratch the itch; addicted to gutting you like a fucking pig.
Comin for your spine, locked on like Predator. Bull in a China shop, call that Berzerker.
Rain down fire, God like in power. Crows’ll peck at your corpse; call that a murder.

“I have stared upon the face of humanity; I have deemed you all deserve to fucking rot”

Swallowed up by the abyssal dark, I emerge from the void to tear the shadows apart.
Your problems aren’t mind, I don’t care for yours.
Comin with the chainblade, 12 gauge, going for the rib cage
Call yourself a king, I’m coming for the crown, let’s go.

Despite being down and out, you can’t seem to quite fucking get it.
Dragged my balls through glass, pent up emotions, so you can fucking feel it.
Deep breath as the knife goes in, and twist; masochistic ritualist.
You call yourself a god, a king, well you can call me ‘behemoth’.

Drop in, I’m killin’ ya. Blurring’ the line between hero and villain, division ya.
Call it attrition, but I am the God, the religion of ‘runnin’ and gunnin’ ya.
If death made riches, I’d be a motherfuckin’ killionaire.
Take out stocks in body bags ’cause when I’m done you’ll be alone;

I’ll rip him off his throne, tear down his kingdom; his throne of souls.
Hell’s tyranny is overthrone through the worst pain he’s ever known.

Comin’ back, unloadin’ with the AK.
Poppin’ off like New Years; all spray.
When you die I’ma grab the best play
Conquered this, now we’re movin; eave-lay.

“The devil’s heart is mine to keep; I’ll leave this hell with tyranny.”

The devil’s heart is mine to keep; here comes the pain.
Die motherfucker die.

In Lore:
Climbing the Tower of Babel, the Trinity meet the ruler of the Rabbit Hole, Asmodeus. Clara and Rachel assume they think they’re being led to a trap, but Ethan assures them they’ll be fine. Alas, upon reaching Asmodeus, he tells them he’s lured them to him so that he can kill specifically the Rōnin himself. The Ronin and Asmodeus launch into combat, and Clara and Rachel begin fighting Asmodeus’ minions. As the battle rages on, Asmodeus continues to arrogantly express victory, but Ronin’s rage gives him the upper hand, and Asmodeus begins to realise he’s losing an uphill battle. The Rōnin, fuelled by the rage from having to deal with Clara and Rachel’s constant arguing, and dealing with grievances of his own, finishes off Asmodeus with barbaric cruelty, not quite killing the Demi-God, but incapacitating him enough to take his heart for the ritual, carving it out with the Hand of the King. The Narrator emerges, instructing them to begin the ritual now that they have The Hand of the King, Pandora‘s Box, and The Heart of the Devil. Rachel asks him if he will be joining them in coming back to Earth, and he tells them that he’s bound to the ethereal realms, and that once they are back on Earth, they’re on their own. A roar from an onslaught of Asmodeus’ forces comes from outside the Throne room, and the Trinity prepare for battle.
The Two Keepers reach the bottom of the Tower of Babel just as the ritual begins, watching the clouds swirl and lightning crack as the portal begins to open. The one with Green Eyes expresses they haven’t much time to stop them. The one with Grey Eyes oddly verbalises that it’s ironic that they’re going to the highest floor to stop them from going to the realm of the living, but the other ignores him, and the Two begin the climb.
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22 thoughts on “The Gloom In The Corner – Behemoth

  1. It's unbelievable how underrated this band is damn… I discovered them some months ago, now the album came out and it just became my favourite album of this year. Their all discography tho… I literally loved every single song by them. Seriously, just thank you The Gloom In The Corner <3

  2. Can't beleive I've only just come across this band what have I been missing… absolutely insane not come across a song from their cataloge that's been a mm it's oki, every song has blown me away.

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