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33 thoughts on “3oh Black ft. Lil’ Baby – Mud (Official Lyric Video)

  1. I just spent four million dollars on taxes
    The package that drop I'ma get back i'm taxing
    This shit too big to go inside a mattress
    And matter of fact I can't sleep where no rats at
    Paranoid when I park I gotta back in
    Ion't sale no narcs no more i get the back end
    Pussies be bitches for real on the low
    Need to sign up for roles need to get into acting
    He say he sipping that activist we call that whatchamacallit
    If it ain't red I ain't bought it, all of my diamond be flawless
    I got receipts for my teeth boy I'm ballin'
    Run up on me like it's sweet boy I doubt it
    She thick as fuck and she told me she bout it
    Think I'ma leave out of here and go Gunna
    I fuck up my drip on this bitch might start drowning
    Before I leave put some racks on the counter
    Get what I got that's on you I don't count it
    I'm tryna build this shit big as a mountain
    I ran that shit up had to switch up accountants

  2. Beat is 🔥 and they both killed it….best lil baby delivery ive heard personally. Didnt overdue the autotune and he sounds great!

    Call me Mr Woodcock 🤣 🔥

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