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0:00 Intro
0:39 Kanye Meets Kim
3:47 Kim Kardashian – The Come Up
9:37 The Rise of Kanye West
12:35 Kanye Loses his Mother
18:14 Kanye Pursues Kim
24:36 Kim’s 2nd Marriage
27:11 Kim Chooses Kanye
35:52 Kim & Kanye’s First Child
37:32 Kim and Kanye Get Married
40:35 Kim & Kanye’s Wedding
49:43 The Difficult 2nd Child
54:54 The Life of Pablo Rollout Meltdown
1:05:05 The Kim Kardashian Robbery
1:12:57 Kanye’s 2016 Breakdown/ Breakthrough
1:19:17 Kim and Kanye’s 3rd Child
1:21:32 Bipolar Ye in Wyoming
1:31:34 Kanye & Trump Reunited
1:42:04 Kanye & Trump’s Oval Office Meeting
1:53:21 Kanye Starts Sunday Service
1:57:53 Jesus is King at the Wyoming Ranch
2:02:57 The Kanye 2020 Presidential Campaign
2:18:36 Kanye’s 2020 Meltdown
2:30:34 Kanye Loses the Election
2:34:38 Kim Files for Divorce
2:41:15 Kim Meets Pete Davidson
2:50:50 Kanye Moves On
2:58:28 The Tik Tok Row
3:04:59 Kanye v Skete
3:26:07 The End


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37 thoughts on “The Embarrassing Collapse of Kim and Kanye’s Marriage

  1. im only 7 minutes in and O.O i get that you hate kim kardashian and paris hilton, 1 insult it weird enough but you dont have to keep adding insults to each sentence, please just the nonbiased information please, was looking for a fun essay video to enjoy not to keep hearing you bashing and hating on people, try to find respect where you can

  2. Don't agree with everything Kanye's said / done recently. But always thought he needed someone close to him helping him with his mental struggles. After watching this i feel more sympathetic towards him, doesn't seem like he's in control and he's been isolated from his family / kids.
    RIP Donda West

  3. Left a real woman for an actual witch. I wonder if his ex wife realizes how big of a bullet she dodged… I would never step foot into the industry even if only as a famous persons spouse.

  4. I can't believe I'm ONLY on the marriage part of Kim and Ye and there's 3+ hours of this WHOLE fiasco?? Lol. I couldn't dare watch anyone else talk for this long about these two.. but YOU.. I can do.. πŸ€£πŸ’―

  5. People think YE is crazy but fail to realize he’s rebelling against the puppet masters. What’s crazy about anything he is saying? I don’t get it . He’s outright calling out the powers that be and bringing secrets to light that the average Joe doesn’t understand. He’s trying to wake ppl up that are asleep I don’t understand how people don’t see that. It’s frustrating because I agree with a lot he is saying and I’m not crazy I’m just aware of what’s going on. If you get canceled it’s because most of the things you are saying are true and the elites don’t like that people might wake up against the system . Idk people are doomed at this point. There must be a revolution. Because the government is falling apart day by day and our freedoms are at stake .

  6. you released this in MAY AND IT'S only gotten worse, he started getting werird after that Sacramento show, he got brainwashed by the born again christian bullshit and from 2016-2022, he's been wacky as shit

  7. It’s hard to believe she be real or doing it for fame… Meek πŸ˜‚ who hops around like a rabbit on the tennis 🎾 courts! Meek is wack and fake!

  8. Amber Rose is the realist woman he’s been with. He drop the ball on that one. To marry Kim is everything a men should be against. πŸ˜‚ horrible the power of a cat 🐱 can have. I mean West rap about it gold digger! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ πŸ˜† crazy!

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