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48 thoughts on “Hidden Hydro Grow Box (Hey Abby OG Edition)

  1. 👎Nope… nope.. I own two of those damn boxes, and they are a complete WASTE of money.. yes, they work, BUT the parts fail too often and are incredibly cheap for the price you pay for that damn box…
    get a tent, not an abby!

  2. Untill you get a sativa dom pheno and it quadruples in size after flip. Sometimes you can flip a 10 inch plant and end up with a 6 footer. Dont know how you would manage that inside that little box. To a new or a first time grower this box probably looks sweet. But your so much better off with a small tent and a cheap led. As long as it got samsung diodes.

  3. دهنت سرویس استراین😢 ما اینجا در حسرت یک پیپر هستیم اونوقت تو اونجا داری عشق می‌کنی نامرد🥵😩😫🤕🤒🌿🌿🌿

  4. Anyone thinking of buying this thing, be aware with a nutrient reservoir that small you'll be fighting p.h forever. Had the same problem with bubble buckets, sounds good on paper but in practice not so much.

  5. Honestly, 1.5×1.5×4 is way too small for a single plant. Res is kinda tiny too. The fact Hey Abby advertises it as a 3 ounce average yielder is concerning too (home growers, especially first timers, will never hit those numbers using this system). It's also over 1000 dollars, once you buy all the required accessories to make it viable. Vivosun's all-in-one system is around 650 bucks (before discount codes), does all three feeding methodologies, gives more space to work with, is a superior design from a better company than Hey Abby and is arguably a superior environment. I do not think these Hey Abby boxes are good ideas and I even remember when they really were trying to charge 2000 dollars for one of these things. The fact they reduced the price by literally over 55% should speak to the amount of "f**k you" money companies like Hey Abby think they can get away with making. It seriously probably cost Hey Abby a grand total of 200 bucks, per unit, to have them made. This thing is a small-business-investor's nightmare.

    Buyer beware to the extreme on this product, specifically.

  6. Out of all the people promoting this thing, I wouldn't have ever guessed you would be one of them. I feel like a nice box that's stealthy is pretty cool. But the price point on these things, you could build like 3 of these for the same amount.

  7. Come on man. Don’t support this company. They target first time growers , (I’m sorry but doing Hydro on your first grow is literally bonkers) I love your channel, I can see you using this because you know what you’re doing. But I find there marketing tactics very sketchy – they’re not aiming towards advanced growers aiming towards beginners were ultimately just gonna probably grow one little underfed plant that barely buds , and then put it in the garage, where it collects dust for two decades

  8. The weed industry is going to be fucked. Everyone’s gonna be growing their own weed. They even sell freaking machines to cure your freaking product at the end black market is fucked and dispensaries are just fucking themselves over even though you guys overpriced everything way too fucking high.

  9. The New Vivosun Automated set-up rock's The Hey Abbey!
    At least according to Rob, from CLTV, and The Stash channel, who, on his own channel, had experience with Abbey for a year, then recently got The new Vivosun model, with more variables and options.
    The grow here did quite well! He had some problems, though, because of Abby not being too "smart", or doing confusing stuff.
    When he switched Abby to "flower", he checked inside once, after a few weeks, and noticed the light was on. During 12/12, when it should have been dark at that time..?! It was still on 18/6, 2 weeks into flower..?! Got even taller though
    He figured out the problem, which newbies may not have even noticed. At least for awhile.
    He said it was really heavy though, as in carrying weight. While the new Vivosun was much lighter..😮

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