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33 thoughts on “4/20 IN ARIZONA!!!!

  1. Im from AZ too bro I met you at Great Wolf Lodge when I was 16 in Grand Mound Washington you gave me some bud and we took a picture , I wish I got to smoke with you bro and your hair was long still I think you said it was your daughters birthday now 8 years later I have a family of my own preciate your presence big brotha !

  2. I'm such a huge fan man.I've been watching you since high school.I'm twenty six now I'm so happy and so blessed that you're still doing your thing. Smoking that dank and having a good time while doing it. God bless man one love.

  3. This guys weird I watched an old video and could not finish it he was giving me a headache kept lowering the volume till I couldn’t hear him anymore.then I just left the video.not my kind of content but good luck

  4. What’s up bro . Have a great 420 . I no longer smoke but I still enjoy your content. Been rocking with you since them hot knife days 😂😂😂 we need those fire tees you use to rock too I remember

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