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David Morehouse was assigned to several highly classified special access programs in the US Army’s Intelligence Security Command and the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Directorate of Science and Technology as a top secret Psychic Spy, and Remote Viewer.

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00:00 – Remote viewing the pyramids
17:54 – What kinds of people can remote view?
26:25 – Uri Gellar
31:57 – Itzhak Bentov
43:16 – Chinese Skynet
49:09 – Space wars
55:07 – Occult roots of the 3rd Reich
01:17:28 – ‘Gray project’ planes
01:29:45 – Pheonix lights
01:43:45 – Paul Bennewitz – Mirage Men
01:49:46 – Lockheed Cormorant drone
01:52:36 – History of SPACE WARS
02:00:43 – Launch on warning – Nuclear war strategy
02:13:01 – ESRI UFO sightings
02:15:21 – David Grusch
02:29:43 – UFO Community
02:40:48 – Remote viewing aliens?
02:53:40 – Off-world remote viewing
03:02:19 – Are CIA remote viewing programs still active?
03:15:42 – Project Torn Image
03:20:53 – Strategic deception
03:22:30 – Anthrax antidote
03:26:16 – Torn Image: Tainting cocaine
03:32:16 – Torn Image: delivering pathogens
03:34:38 – Cartel psychological operations
03:41:17 – Torn Image: Aftermath
03:46:20 – Barry Seal
03:50:03 – Mexican cartels today


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31 thoughts on “CIA StarGate Spy: Remote Viewing Mars, Nazi Occult & Space Warfare | David Morehouse

  1. There are false claims about Steven Greer here.
    Morehouse claimed 2:21:40 that the CE5 protocol costs "somewhere around $1500". No it doesn't. The book is about $12, but there's also an app that costs about $5.

  2. I once used dowsing rods made out of 2 coat hangers. It works. Everyone is criticising this guy in the comments, but everything he says is spot on. Min 1:26:40, yes but all they need to do is subtract their speed to calculate the approximate speed of the vehicle observed. Loved the story at min 3:15:45

  3. Kratom is bad news unless you’re using it to get off something like opiates. It works like meth. You’ll reorganize your house and then wake up sweating when you quit. Have fun. Not a good habit.

  4. This guy is so full of shit. For one, if Norway was so anti-Nazi who was Vidkun Quisling? And hasn’t it been proven that uri geller was a fraud? I thought some gay magician from Florida proved that 😂

  5. I have a very high tolerance to most medications as well as hallucinogens too… Wonder if it is from the redhead gene that causes red headed people to be less responsive to anesthesia and pain meds… I can still get a reaction to Hallucinogenics, however it usually takes me way more to get a good effect. I couldn't imagine not getting any effect at all though… That would really suck

  6. 0:18 Danny: “not even weed?” …. wtf Danny, who hallucinates from weed, or edibles. Pfffttt…. The more I watch… smh really ? You don’t even know how to say Kratom. It’s like you grew up under a rock… are you Amish ?

  7. What happened Danny? Found some success so you turn on, and spew disdain about the very people who supported you from the jump? Another hipster with a podcast posing as a free thinker. Boring. Unsubbed.

  8. This is so typical of CIA dis-information. They give you a couple of worthless tid bits but the main body of the talk is to steer you away from the truth. My dad worked for Boeing in the 50's 60's and I know for a fact that we have been developing super space projects for the last 70 years. And oh yeah it did come from the Nazi's

  9. Once you see one mile Black Metallic triangles smooth surface on the rear of a 3 white Globes cylinders light illumination Center Globe is more bigger than the others really change your whole perspective is what's really going on surface of the craft with rectangular Black Metallic panels spread spread out through the cruiser it's all about a power struggle and control some people don't want to give up their power I wonder how many ships are operating in our sector right now what are their Council going to do they know they can't let the planet continue through so much in balance of non-investment keep on building carbon in our atmosphere keep changing politicians and presidents keep changing the rules of others not having a consistent infrastructure some people are just so stuck into their illusion of power passing problems through new Generations to follow so yeah we need a restructuring

  10. We need to change our whole infrastructure is based off a consumer base using fossil fuels using cars that need to recharge everything needs to be restructured even our government system my politicians are presidents they need to come up with sectors four countries in each President should be a part of a council that runs the planet and reiterate the expansions of humans from Earth do masks cultivation in technology through fixing the current system that was polluted through religion through what people adapted to their personal belief

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