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Researchers have created the world’s first graphene semiconductor. The joke goes that graphene can do everything but leave the lab, but in the last few years, this is no longer true. In this episode we’ll see how scientists turned the best conductor known to man into a semiconductor, opening the door to faster, cooler and more efficient computing.

Note: the resulting graphene was doped with pure oxygen within the experiment. Apologies for not explaining that critical part.

Also another correction, I called “Georgia Institute of Technology” “Georgia Tech” , just wanted to clarify that.

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45 thoughts on “This Chip Could Change Computing Forever

  1. It's funny how there are so many haters in the comments. Would expect the followers of science news to be more positive. Who cares if it takes another 100 years, someone has to do the work to move towards future step by step.
    "If it doesn't happen during my lifetime then there is no point investing in that." is the mindset which kills the nation.

  2. There will be brains put into Robot bodies next, How crazy would that be, For someone with a body that cannot be used, Would they want a robotic body, I would be nuts though being able to put a persons brain in a robotic body, One thing that will never happen, Is someone's soul in a robot, I been hearing Elon is creating the bionic eye, Again would be fantastic for someone who have never seen anything before, But do you think putting computers in people is a good thing in the long run, In another ten years though there will be Agents who protect powerful people with an eyeball that can do super computing, The Matrix isn't far away, Inject Martial Arts into your brain, By way of a download, Crazy, lol….
    I will say that VR, and Mixed Reality is going to do so much for the Medical industry, Being able to do Operations in VR with probable outcomes, Before the real Operations not only is making a surgeon better but also using AI to tell the surgeon the best way to solve the problematic issue's, Saving more peoples life's, VR is even helping people gain motor skills after stokes, Stroke is a horrible and debilitating thing to happen, And if Oculus is helping people using VR then Amen, I also love the fact that a Quest 2 headset can bring a class room to a poor country, Can create the Science class in a hut, For me that is beautiful, As every child deserves the opportunity to learn education, Plus isn't a learned population a productive population, With skills and abilities that can make a country prosper, Plus VR is amazing for the Entertainment industry, People will be able to go to Glastonbury in VR, Concerts in VR, As soon as VR headsets become smaller and last longer as stand alone VR headsets, An i9 CPU with a 4090 GPU for example, Everyone and anyone will be using VR, lol, The Meta Ray Ban glasses only last 4 hours, When they start lasting as long as a phone do, Everyone will be using Ray Bans Phone Glasses, With the Glasses connecting to the phone, Things can be a lot better on the Glasses yeah….
    So the material here can do all of the above, It will be brilliant for Hospitals then as well, Would it make say CT scanners smaller, Amazing…

  3. Except that the main power draw for Laptops and Smartphone when reading is the Display and Internet connection. Even if the Processor draws zero power, my phone would last at most two days …

  4. Highlighting Elecjet is not a good look because it's showing all the signs of being a stock fraud. The Verge article was entirely too credulous, but at least they had the excuse that at the time, the company was too new for its products to be available and tested. You don't have that excuse. There are still essentially no graphene-enhanced batteries or integrated circuits on the commercial market, and nothing on the immediate horizon.

    If you don't want people to think you published this video to support a stock fraud, you should at least update the description to say that some of the claims in the video are unsupported by reliable evidence. Otherwise I think people are going to draw the inevitable conclusion that your motives here are suspect.

  5. Graphine is awesome but you need some meteorite right? those lil gems are hard to keep up with but remember, never try bending the graphene because you think its a small piece of an earring or something, the edges break real easy with that graphene. At least the dark dark red ones do but man can that stuff cast a reflection at dawn

  6. We'll see… In the realm of the multimillion-dollar business of microchips, computers, smartphones and other electronic devices, innovation can be good, but it can also be useful to make competitors spend energy, money and time on a dead end.

  7. I remember they were talking about graphene 20 years ago, and they were saying exactly what are said in this video.

    We are 20 years closer, but still not close enough to make it commercially viable.

    Maybe my great grand kids will make use of it some day.

  8. Prediction time, children! Gather around the campfire!
    TSMC and Nvidia will run over everyone with this in 10 years. Apple, Microsoft, Intel and AMD will try, but can't beat TSMC or Nvidia with pure capital. Maybe together, like Intel with Microsoft, but not as a single entity.

  9. In 2015, a friend of mine had the idea to use graphene in a CPU. he designed an analog quantum CPU together with an engineer.
    they created a working computer.
    the pity is that many other inventions were stolen in 2017.
    and that the people who assisted him were on the deep web and the login details were also stolen.
    a real shame.

    a little secret?
    it did not consist of transistors but of zener diodes.
    and yes these were made dependent on reverse voltage.
    so that the data follows a certain path with a certain voltage.
    oh yes it was a neuronet CPU.

    I hope that someone will make thé cpu again.

  10. 10 times better is 3 iterations of Moore's law. Three halving steps ago from the 3nm we're at now. That's around the 10nm transistor tech, which wasn't that far away. Your phone can basically last for days if you limit its power to cell phones from 5 years ago.

  11. The reason that we will never have a phone who's battery lasts weeks despite having constant improvements in battery technology is because every time we make the battery more efficient, we just upgrade our devices to do more advanced computation that requires more power

  12. It's easy to be a skeptic…

    Man was completely unsuccessfully trying to fly for centuries .
    The US government began paying academics large sums to develop airplanes.

    Two brother bicycle shop owners curiously follow efforts at human flight.

    Somehow they are bitten by the flight bug and they decide to do their own experiments.

    They realize they need a good site for testing kites and set up a test camp about 700 miles from home.

    They build and ship man sized kites and gliders, test them and realize they have a long way to go.

    After their 1901 test season Wilbur says: “Not within a thousand years will man ever fly”.

    Meanwhile they decide to go completely back to basics and develop their own basic data rather than rely on published data.

    They work the numbers.

    They build new theoretical models.

    They develop methods for flight control.

    They build gorgeous gliders from scratch and test them again.

    In 1902 they know that it is now down to finding the right power source.

    With crucial help of their own shop mechanic, Charlie Taylor, they build their own engine that beats all power to weight ratios of their time.

    They build a much larger airplane that is truly clever in all its details.

    They design and build two beautiful propellers.

    They ship the whole thing back to their test site.

    And in 1903 they fly.
    63 years later , humans land on the moon.

  13. I was just about to comment about these new graphene chips being used for quantum computing, and then that aspect was mentioned. Now let's add AI into the mix and see what happens.

  14. This on is not a good video that ColdFusion usually keep the standard high. Graphene is useles for electronic because it is semimetal not a semiconductor. Changing with surface engineering or bilayer graphene, the Dirac particle is no longer exist.

  15. Just a GREAT video. Thank you. I have been following graphene for many years now. Between graphene, Quantum Computing and AI, things are going to get very interesting in the very near future.

  16. sounds like nuclear fission: a wonder in theory, terrible in practice, because not enough material to build anything to supply the masses.

  17. 作为一个芯片封装与切筋成型设备和模具制造商,我对半导体这些年的进步感到非常的惊讶!欢迎大家来咨询了解中国大陆的设备!(As a manufacturer for the IC package,auto molding system ,trim form systems,Lead frame molds,MGP molds(transfer molds),the tech improving of Chinese mainland is astonished!If have any doubt,pls contact with me.I would like to answer you questions! )

  18. All this changes is the price range for devices… if silicon chips are good enough for most people then this will only allow companies to make even pricier products by charging $5000 for a phone that can be the best while the low-end devices will take the place of last gen mainstream devices, upping the minimum price for it. I've seen this for decades now. 2000's high-end GPU was $200 back then. Then some new tech came along and promised better performance at the same price. Look at our GPU's today? Companies will charge however they want just because they can, not because they should. If something new was invented that cost less but perform better, then why are we paying even more for the performance when it costs less to make?

  19. 2:52 Graphene can be, and usually is, a mix of molecules with various thickness (ie. different number of connected layers). The 1-layer graphene is called monolayer. There are other forms of graphene with gaps in the sheet(s), 3D arrangements, etc.

  20. How toxic is graphene? The number of electronic waste items is still increasing, so this way we will introduce graphene into environment

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