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Annie Jacobsen is a Pulitzer Prize finalist and New York Times bestselling author. Her newest book Nuclear War: A Scenario looks deep into the heart of the nuclear military establishment & is based on dozens of exclusive new interviews with military and civilian experts who have built the weapons, have been privy to the response plans, and have been responsible for those decisions should they have needed to be made.

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00:00 – Writing
05:37 – Sources
08:35 – Nuclear war protocol
19:14 – Operation Paperclip
38:15 – Billy Waugh’s briefcase nuke
40:00 – Otto Ambros
46:07 – Kurt Blome
50:52 – Science & morality
01:00:47 – CIA’s original black site
01:03:32 – Walter Schreiber
01:05:15 – NASA
01:09:34 – UFOs
01:14:49 – Annie’s take on UFOs; Strategic deception
01:23:36 – Nuclear secrets
01:29:41 – Public deception
01:38:01 – Human terrain mapping; first platoon
01:40:28 – Annie’s “Deal” with CIA
01:48:39 – EG&G scientist “alien” medical experiment
01:59:55 – Inside DARPA
02:08:28 – Pentagon hired Sci-Fi writers
02:14:07 – Paramilitary assassins; Billy Waugh
02:29:40 – War VS Covert action debate
02:42:17 – Mechanics of Nuclear War
02:51:57 – The interceptor system
02:55:25 – EMP’s
02:59:52 – Doomsday plane


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27 thoughts on “The Dark Side of America’s NUCLEAR WAR Strategy & Why it Will Fail | Annie Jacobsen

  1. I remember years ago digging through declassified stuff linked to the variations of SIOP down the years and came across this short novel. Not seen it anywhere else but it was a horror story on US overkill to the point of the sub arctic forest that stretches across the planet is a resource that commies could use, destroy it too. Didn't work out to well as the remains of Earth ostracised America for eternity on pain of death.

  2. I've seen this exact comment few times already. "There is no use to worry about this, it cannot be prevented, you just have to live every day like it is your last."

    This is completly missing the point. Knowledge is power. We have prevented this at least two times, and this is just the ones we know.

    Both times this was due to faulty techical equipment on russian sites. What saved us was that it was down to human control at the end and highest ranking russian officers that had to actually lunch the counterstrike, knew, or at least had the idea of what the concequnces would be if they lunched. Luckily for all of us, these people probably had families and were acting rational under extreme pressure, deciding that even if it isn't technical glitch, they will not be responsible for millions of deaths at least, by their own hand.

    What they probably didn't know was the full extent of full out nuclear exchange between nuclear super powers. This being globally well known, could potentially save us.

    You do not want someone who is so sure of their conviction, just like a zealot, anywhere close to nuclear weapons lunch codes. Americans, vote wisely. Europeans, do the same in general EU elections.

  3. 2:36:57 I hope people realize sending any one under the age of 25 is sending a kid to war. Even science has proven that the brain is not fully developed till around 25. Old men start wars the world over and send kids to fight.

    I wish we would have NO WARS. IF WE DO, don"t send kids. Send adults, 25 and above.

    I presume part of the reason to send kids to war is because they can easily be brainwashed into believing wars are cool and some glorified bull SH*T !

  4. How do you know it will fail? MAAD isn’t designed for winners and losers. It is designed solely as a deterrent. The real question is, which nation wants to go kamikaze first?

  5. Staying overnight with my sister is the hospital post-surgery. Needed an Annie Jacobsen moment and came across this. Why have I not found Danny Jones sooner? I subbed. Intrigued about the other content.

  6. Otto Ambrose is one of literally thousands of Nazi war criminals who, after entering the U.S., the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Special Investigations (OSI) refused to file deportation proceedings against and after Ambrose exited the U.S., failed to place his name on the U.S. Government's 'Watch List' of individuals prohibited from being granted entry to the U.S.

  7. (Unpopular opinion) I can’t stand this lady’s voice personally. It sounds like she’s trying too hard to be mysterious. Every so often she’ll break from her suave act and you get to hear her true voice. I also watched her on Joe Rogan “episode #1299”, she danced around the questions about what she knows about aliens saying multiple times “it’s in my book”. She even said he was making her sweat or uncomfortable. The acknowledgment that she was uncomfortable about the subject says loudly that she’s not confident in her story. She also said she’d reveal her source and to my knowledge she hasn’t yet even though she says he has passed. Body language, voice acting, book promotion over what would be the most astonishing discovery in history leads me to believe she’s full of shit. Again this is my opinion but I think she’s just about herself and her career. This isn’t at all because I believe in aliens. Honestly I don’t know whether or not they do. But she just seems not to be on the up and up.

  8. She's my favorite author but to state none of us have any idea how she votes or her political ideology….it's pretty damn clear she's a major liberal. Regardless, I enjoy her work, but let's stop pretending Annie's TDS doesn't shine through like the hot exhaust of a nuclear warhead as seen by Cerberus….

  9. I just read this book. It was the most gripping and terrifying book I’ve ever read. The first person, the quiet step backs and simple explanations. I found myself howling at the book over and over “PICK UP RUSSIA … WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS … HOW CAN THEY BE SO RECKLESS … MAD WAS OBVIOUSLY GOING TO FAIL”. Genuinely almost had my head fall off when the minutemen flew, unannounced, AT RUSSIA to reach NK. You can’t make up the absolute asinine recklessness of this plan. Another two things that haunt me 1) 1945 the first bomb was dropped and we still have zero, zero, shield against these weapons. It’s the speed. Bringing me to point 2) the nuclear subs. Wow. Wow. Wow. What have we created and unleashed on the world?

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