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Jeff Kripal is a professor of Philosophy and Religious Thought at Rice University. Jeff takes a closer look at paradoxical thoughts on the UFO phenomenon from a historian of religion. He has previously taught at Harvard Divinity School & is the author of eight books, including Changed in a Flash.

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00:00 – Trauma & extra sensory perception
05:24 – The history of religions
08:26 – Elizabeth Krohn; struck by lightning
20:39 – Study of near-death experiences
26:38 – DMT
32:10 – Filter thesis of consciousness
36:08 – Noosphere connectivity
38:26 – Jeff’s personal beliefs
42:18 – Science VS Experience
45:23 – What happens after death
51:48 – UFO’s
58:51 – Advanced propulsion & energy
01:06:47 – Demonic possession
01:13:30 – Spirituality of the flying saucer
01:20:12 – Historical transcendence
01:21:21 – Human obsession with mysteries
01:24:19 – Dystopia
01:27:23 – Artificial Intelligence
01:29:25 – AI materialism vs mediation consciousness
01:32:11 – Chris Bledsoe
01:44:27 – Rosicrucianism
01:56:20 – Sex & aliens
02:13:56 – John Mack


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42 thoughts on “Ancient Religion Professor: UFOs, The Paranormal & Esotericism | Jeff Kripal

  1. 12/31/2019 I had a premonition come over me that told me we were going to have a 4 year drought a couple months later it started and its been more than 3 1/2 years since. Won't be long and the plentiful rains will return

  2. Ive extracted my own dmt. Tried it morenthan enough.
    The entitities are so clearly just archetypes. The difference is i dont want your attention.

    I also saw a ufo very close.
    Now ill preface, i had just taken a mushroom chocolate and left my friends on my way home around 10 at night, but this all occured within 5 minutes of eating it. Jokingly makes sense i would see it then because everyone says awee no duh.
    Anyways its dank, listening to headphones walking downhill with s huge viw towards portland. My house was along the i5 corridor and i was starting my walk home maybe quarter of a mile from it perpendicular to eother direction of traffic, so im walking towards i5 downhill.
    Above the treeline, like not even a quarter mile away, there was a bank of red lights floating with the streetlamp light reflecting odf the ground and back off this thing. Just gray flat panneling with big red lights. Zero sound. Its moving southbound very slowly above traffic – bizzare.
    I thought of banging on someones door but didnt want cops to show up as i started tripping expectedly in the next 20 minutes so i never did.
    I ran back uphil for a better view from the highschool and i watched the thing float to portland like maybe in 5 7 minutes and I was at least 20 30 miles away.
    There were other similar reports online.
    This was in early 2000s so no drones. More like a blimp, but if it was it was disguised.

    I never actually tripped like normal but we had huge tolerances back then. I did get hyper and focused onnehat had happened talking a mile a.miute for hours.

  3. In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful.

    1. Say, “He is God, the One.

    2. God, the Absolute.

    3. He begets not, nor was He begotten.

    4. And there is nothing comparable to Him.”

    — Quran 112:1

  4. I think we do know that there have been physical UFO events, crashes and retrievals. This is far better and more numerously supported by witness accounts than centuries old stories of human levitation, which is not to say that those accounts are false.

  5. Good conversation. One observation is that some of the UFOs may just be alien craft, and some of the entities simply other biological beings. There are many encounters that appear to be just that simple, and it may be that other "imaginal" experiences take their cue from actual extraterrestrial encounters. One category does not exclude the other.

  6. He might be right about the trauma.

    When I deployed to Iraq in 2003 to assist the 1st AD in taking and holding Baghdad my “intuition” went through the roof. I could feel people aiming weapons at me and move just before the round (RPG, AK or other Small Arms, even a missile once) reached me. I could feel IED’s before they went off (saved my life twice) down to I could see our cots remotely while out on mission (everyday, we didn’t stay behind the wire like everyone after 04) and tell people if they had mail on their cot or not with 90% success rate.

    Soldiers that have been in combat would be a good research group.

    My $0.02 🙏

  7. You do not need trauma to access it. Trauma harms the abilities. Talk to some who has been there for that comment. What helps it is deep meditation. Oh and people under amestisia have very well documented Astro projection.

    You need to detach from the idea you are your vessel. You have been in many vessels. Focus on that. I am a practitioner lotus sutra buddhist. Many practitioners have had consciousness experiences in the practice.

  8. Very good interview. I feel you when you say you're lonely. Ive been obsessed with the subject since my father died at a young age and others kept dying after him. So I understand what he means for sure. But the good news is that, the afterlife, ufos, consciousness, etc are being discussed more. Twenty years ago if you spoke about any of those people thought you were crazy.

  9. 1:43:15 It's not just the mind, but rather the relationship that mind forms with the Will of the Individual. This relationship between Will and Knowledge (mind) brings about the catalyst for ACTION.
    The concept is called the 3-FOLD Nature of the Individual, as explained in Vedic texts.

  10. 56:51 We have forgotten the practical application of Spirituality. If Humanity can link the counterparts of Energy and matter once more – well then; we gain access to a Moral Technology.
    Like what John Keely did back in the late 1800

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