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Exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ w/ Felix:
[Timestamps below] Felix Rodriguez is former CIA Paramilitary Operations Officer in the Special Activities Division, known for his involvement in the Bay of Pigs Invasion, and the capture of Che Guevara.

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00:00 – Felix’s childhood
09:36 – Brigade 2506: The Bay of Pigs
20:35 – Bay of Pigs disaster
24:55 – Hiding from Castro’s regime
32:04 – Kennedy vs Castro
36:29 – CIA training
40:36 – Origins of the M16 rifle
43:10 – Felix’s marriage; civilian life
45:19 – HALO jumping
49:04 – Pretending to be a Paratrooper
52:33 – Vietnam
54:19 – The barrage rocketing of Saigon
58:14 – How Felix captured Vietnamese bodyguard
59:50 – Viet Cong hiding from 15ft tide
01:04:31 – Felix’s awards for stopping Saigon attacks
01:07:00 – Attempts on Felix’s life (plane hijacking)
01:10:49 – Felix fear of death
01:17:50 – Intel operation in Dominica
01:19:10 – Felix’s battle damage
01:20:10 – Lebanon operation 1975
01:26:35 – El Salvadore guerilla 1964
01:33:29 – Problems with locals
01:36:00 – Guerilla helicopter assault
01:37:26 – Capturing female guerilla
01:39:09 – M16 full auto problems
01:40:41 – Felix’s war trophy
01:43:16 – Iran Contra 1986
01:46:19 – Hasenfus and Felix (Max Gomez)
01:47:17 – Congress Testimony 1987
01:49:52 – Felix Rodriguez on Danny Sheehan
01:51:51 – CIA & FBI armored Felix’s home
02:02:51 – Receiving money from Medellin Cartel?
02:14:23 – John Kerry fraud
02:16:59 – Hunting Che Guevara
02:33:35 – Battle with Che Guevara
02:39:38 – Capturing Che Guevara
02:50:38 – Che Guevara’s last minutes
02:56:45 – Last wish of Che Guevara
03:03:39 – Felix’s sorrow for Che Guevara
03:07:14 – Che Guevara love for killing
03:11:22 – Felix’s feelings on killing
03:16:47 – Che Guevara’s Rolex
03:21:16 – Attempts to assassinate Castro
03:28:50 – Accusations of Cuban exiles in Dealy Plaza
03:33:49 – Santos Trafficante
03:35:47 – Morality of war VS covert action
03:39:25 – Kiki Camarena


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48 thoughts on “CIA’s Hidden Weapon: The Man Who Hunted Down Che Guevara | Felix Rodriguez

  1. Everything this man said is to be taken with a grain of salt. When he said that about the fraud in the election with Nixon and Kennedy is a lie. He’s an election denier just like Trump is. This man is a fraud

  2. This is also the Guy who killed Enrique Camarena DEA agent in Mexico. This according to Hector Berrellez, DEA agent who investigated the murder of Enrique Camarena. According to Berellez, his own government killed the DEA agent who had discovered that the CIA was running drugs to fund the Iran Contra and this is the guy who toured and killed Enrique Camarena.

  3. Whenver a Cuban joins the CIA to stop the Communist expansion into the Americas, he is regarded as a mercenary, but if another Latin American joined the leftist guerrillas, he would be considered a freedom fighter

  4. I always like hearing both sides. The Last Narc. Did influenced me in believing this man was part of kiki camerana. As a person that believes it's better to let a guilty person go than to punish a innocent man. I am here to see his comments. I will comment again and hopefully I get what I'm looking for that he had no part. I'll comment again after this podcast


    From V.I. Lenin through to Gorbachev and past

    We got the false impression Communism couldn't last

    From old Pol Pot back to Saloth Sar

    It's a mighty long walk but not all that far

    From Castro playing baseball in the U.S.A.

    To when Che got his comeuppance from the C.I.A.

    And on and on and up and up right to the present time

    These Freemasonic Dialectical Devils tow the line

    Sure Nixon got Allende. (Sometimes you gotta smile.)

    Too bad all Southeast Asia is still Red, Enslaved and Vile.

    And worse! The foreign central bank parked on our sovereign shores

    Has got us in the talons of these same sadistic whores

    From Paul Warburg and his Jekyll Island creeping

    To the present date and time America's still sleeping.

    Wake up!

    (Mushroom bloomin'

    Harry Truman

    Had 32°

    And knew what he was doin')


  6. This man has been caught lying many times. The Bolivian army colonel who transported Che's body, stated that he never saw this man traveling with him in his helicopter.

  7. This is a hell of an interview.
    Can you please have this interview translated? A lot of Cubans and Spanish people need to listen to this interview and learn the real truth.
    Can you give me the name of the museum where the interview and his name?
    You didn't give him a normal introduction.

  8. After he said Santo Trafficante was not involved in the assassination plots on Castro, You can't believe anything this guy says. Trafficante and the CIA already admitted to this.


  10. Che Guevara and his Marxist cohort, Fidel Castro committed horrible civil rights and political murders in their own support of the "Revolucion." I'm not sure I'm smart enough to blame only Felix for what HE did. Perhaps they are both evil. When it comes to body count, both believers and atheists murdered. I'm not particularly proud of either. But Felix certainly has cahones.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  11. The Castro regime was the one that orchestrated the myth of Felix killing Camarena with the hope that the U.S. government will arrest Felix prosecute him to have him extradited to Cuba to murder him.A reality that these leftist idiots don’t want to accept.

  12. A traitor will vilify the other side just to look better,this dude is lying about the Che ,my uncle fought alongside Che in Congo and Angola,never heard him say a bad thing about him ,this dude is fawkin war criminal .

  13. 1:58:51– what was he saying about not taking a drink of water, during the Iran Contra testimony, why, what's the point of not drinking water till your done testifying, why's that significant – what am I missing?

  14. Che Guarvera killed his share of woman, children ,old people ,farmers & he was a dirtbag commie that invaded other countries 😂 he wasn't some great freedom fighter😂😂😂 just a dirtbag

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