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Water Conversation and Sustainability with the Jungle Boys and Resource Innovation Institute

The Jungle Boys team sits down with Marielle from Grodan and Derek at Resource Innovation Institute to talk about water conservation and other water concerns in the cannabis space.

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Table of Contents
00:00 Opening
00:25 Intro
00:45 Sustainability Conversation
04:20 Importance of SOPs
06:00 Let’s talk Rockwool
09:30 It Takes Work to Produce the Best Flower
11:00 Regulatory Bodies Influence on the Cannabis Space
14:20 E-Grow System
16:50 Managing Resources
18:45 Importance of Data
21:00 What is the Resource Innovation Institute
23:45 Closing Thoughts and Conclusion
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39 thoughts on “Jungle Boys, Grodan, and Resource Innovation Institute Talk about Sustainable Resources in Cannabis

  1. If you guys really wanted to be thoughtful of water conservation you would be using your water transpiration condensation water . 90 % of your water you feed these plants would come back to you instead of going down the drain

  2. hello, first of all I would like to say that I love your clips, I watched every video until the last one, I am waiting for a new tour of the companies, these are my favorite episodes, and if there is a job in one of the storage companies where I can advance I would like to work in one of them, so if workers are needed somewhere, I would be very happy to go, because I really like the whole industry. Your products are available, you are not expensive, you have very high quality products, I am here because I would really like to order Athena Nutrians whole pro line Grow, Core, Bloom all 25lb, and 1 cuts of 14oz, I am from Serbia, and I want to I am asking you if delivery is possible, and if I would get free delivery which would mean a lot to me, and of course what is the price for everything in total, this would be the first time I buy something from Athena Nutrians, you clip from Stiizy and Jungle Boys, who are helped me decide, thank you for your incredible knowledge and hard work, for us who watch and enjoy each of your clips.

  3. I'm in my grow room doing grow room shit not watching the video. All I'm getting from these two people are huge RED FLAGS. Roach you guys can see this right they sound so fkn much like corporate snakes avoid this bs at all costs. Its voluntary now but these people are snakes 🐍

  4. How can we recycle rockwool. Can we melt it down and run it through the process again?
    My idea! Lol
    Also we really need to come up with a decent desalination system so you can use ocean water
    Water water everywhere right!

  5. I run a tiny little 4×4 ebb and flow with my girls in grodan cubes. No other substrate, just a block per girl. I cover with panda and feed every 3.5 hrs even at lights out. I do no Veg, into the table with a rooted clone in the 4×4 block and turn, 8 weeks later I cut off feed and give 4 days of ph'd 6.3 water. I run 24c sand 45% humidity. This particular plant I have isolated is incredible and this go around should pull between 2 and 2.4 pounds under 1000 watt hps. She is the fruitiest flowery backed by some skunk taste and smell I have ever had and I been around for a long time. We need to find a way to keep the same plant alive forever. These plants have no Veg and by 14 days in Veg go from 9 to 11 inch to 24 inches and then just fill like crazy. Oh and I spend about 5 minutes a day if that.

  6. "You guys should be rewarded for taking the steps you have taken" – ummmmmm, big ag/pharma don't give af about what you've contributed, neither do governments. They both just want money and don't care who they step on/ put out of business.

  7. I feeel like they hit everything on the head besides one main factor. Indoor growing is a product of prohibition. In climates around the world where cannabis can grow outdoors we shouldn’t be growing indoors. It’s pretty simple. I think true regenerative farmers would laugh at these sustainable ideas for indoor growing. If it’s indoor it’s taxing the environment in a way we don’t need too. Idk.

  8. The begin confused me cause they still doing dwc just without clayrock & bin.. just said let only use rock whool from small to giant lol. Beside that this video was useless 😂 nun new at all literally just different facility with different nutrient method

  9. They keep talking about their facility in Florida lol high thc cannabis is still ilegal here in florida i dont know wtf they talking about lol unless is cbd low thc 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. I was never a fan of grow blocks and I will never be a fan of LEDS, I'm surprised these guys considered changing, they are hps growers, I feel no other spectrum has the punch like a quality hps, and even the brand of hps makes a huge difference, once you start changing things around you have to try to dial everything in again and that's a problem for me, time is the most important thing for me in this business, im lucky enough to turn a room 4 times a year, if im really good, maybe 5 quality cuts a
    year, if it ain't broken don't try to fix it

  11. gotta get that sustainable ✅, even if it means only destroying the environment slightly less than before😂

    i mean we are all guilty of fucking the world, but don’t pretend like your making a difference.

  12. These young people are quite impressive, this is what makes people like humanity, share the experiences and mistakes and transmit that to communities like mine, I had no idea what EC was, rockwool I met through your videos, leds we had no idea it was more beneficial .

    I want jungleboys in portugal soon ahahha

    Thanks for the video and the knowledge 🥰🥰💚💚

  13. How really hard it is to run a a cannabis dispensary and making no money mad respect all your you guys do much love

  14. The right to grow, consume, buy, sell, and trade a plant does not come from humans that call themselves government. How few of you know this

  15. Efficiency is king, said it for 5-10 years now…now that it's become a commodity the ones who winning most are the most efficient ones who recycle soil, and inputs to reduce their labor and expense costs more than all the others, to reduce cost for consumers in the end, which in turn return because of the best most efficient grown flowers…

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