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39 thoughts on “Steve-O’s Dad – Steve-O’s Wild Ride! Ep #61

  1. Stevo really kind of rolled over most of the conversation, he enjoys talking about himself and this is the point of this episodr but it would have been nice to hear more from his father.

  2. I love the way your dad tells his stories. Reminds me a lot of my grandfather. He snuck into Woodstock 94 when he was 75 with his huge camcorder around his neck to go see and record Metallica. He also snuck other people in that he just met there. One of them was even in a wheelchair. He was smoking tree too. We were all so worried about the mud fight and he was there several days. Left my grandma at home in Pittsburgh and told her he was going to go appreciate some music.

  3. Inspiring. Your story about your mom kicking you out resonates with me. I had a similar circumstance, but I held it against her until hearing what you said. Good luck in all your endeavors and thank you.

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