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30 thoughts on “J Money on Being Robbed & Shot in LA Last Month, Coming Up with Future & More – No Jumper

  1. I no him he did to much dirty in his past him getting shot and ROBBED WAS gonna happen sooner than later hopefully he will change his life before its too late 🙏

  2. Sounds like that girl friend Sus to me…just my opinion. J my boy but he said he was waiting on her to come down. She didn't come down until after the whole robbery took place. 🤔

  3. Adam22 u have now became my favorite podcast and host of 2022 and 2023 PLEASEEEEEE don’t turn into VLAD being cocky or glorifing these young men dien with no fuckin remorse and when someone says they don’t wanna talk it don’t do wat VLAD does and starts yelling over his guest cuz dude always thinks he rite I pray VLAD gets canceled cuz he has been fuckin up peoples careers like boosie with the gay commitments and if people notice he never shows up 4 boosie like with his new movie red carpet thing I use to love vlad but he got to full of himself and I’m dead ass tired of him talking bad about Michael Jackson FUCK VLAD TV I WISH EVERYONE WOULD MAKE A STAND LIKE ME AND UNSUBSCRIBE FROM HIS CHANNEL IF ADAM KEEPS IT IT G AND STAYS HUMBLE AND CONTINUE 2 CARE ABOUT HIS GUEST WE DONT NEED VLAD WE GOT NO (JUMPER ADAM22)💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

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