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27 thoughts on “Tariq Nasheed on Hate Speech, Kanye & Kyrie, Tiffany Cross Beef & More – No Jumper

  1. did Flakko have stroke or something before this interview? Listening to him stammer and stutter is painful. Time to level up your mouthpiece fam.

  2. People should know Tariq Nasheed as a pathetic race baiting loser an anti white piece of garbage. A black supremacist who lies to black people about their history with this we wuz kings nonsense. Look at this clown talking about racial double standards like white people aren't constantly insulted and hated online and by the mainstream media and people just get away with it. Also I feel sorry for this race pimps kids being raised by this anti white racist. He almost makes a good point about men being feminized in society but he couldn't help himself with his race hustle stick not realizing white men are way more feminized in tv shows, movies and advertising because Hollywood hates white straight men.

  3. This is my first time watching this podcast. No disrespect, but the host seems like he has a horrible time articulating his thoughts. I’m not sure what his qualifications are to be in such a position of prominence while struggling to simply speak.

  4. Y do you even fuck w this lame tariq. He throws buzz words around trying to get u caught up on your words. He plays dumb like he don't know wtf is going on

  5. Flakko is a 🦝 and totally off code. Taking about taxes and how nice his stuff is? Sounds like a white person bucking their eyes when they see a blacks person with something half way decent.. that’s why his homeland is 💩

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