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38 thoughts on “Nav speaks on Producing Drake – Back to Back… then becoming friends w/ Meek & wondering if he knew

  1. I kinda feel he threw shade to those drug dealing rappers who was putting money in his pocket! Humble yourself bro cuz if you fell off today you gone run right back to the drug dealer rappers to buy more beats from you

  2. I respect Nav so much cuz he doesn’t try to do to much bro just keeps around the people in his circle and only cares about making good music I wish more rappers followed his route instead of dying from all these drugs/shootouts

  3. I always said this and imma keep saying it, I feel like after Meek beefed with Drake That kinda slowed meek down after he lost and made meek look bad bc at that time Drake, Kdot, Cole and Meek were at the top and that’s what ppl were mainly listening to. Even tho meek made a little comeback after meek never fully recovered nor did his rap career.

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