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On September 26, 1983, life on planet Earth almost came to an end in a Nuclear war. World War 3. One man, Stanislav Petrov prevented this outcome. This is the story of how it happened.

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40 thoughts on “How One Man Stopped World War 3 In 1983

  1. If you’re in charge of something like that, then you need to be politically aware enough to decide that it was likely a false alarm. But sure, what an incredible responsibility.

  2. Two brave, sane Soviet officers NOT fuelled by testosterone. Logic over passion. That’s why there are so many Ukrainians dying because another Soviet leader acts on his ego and vanity and little man syndrome.

  3. Thanks, that was great. I looked up the passenger plane you mentioned was shot down in restricted Soviet airspace, because they thought it was a spy plane, and found out it was Korean Air flight 007. I couldn't believe it at first, but really.

  4. What I would have done in that scenario is not informed my superiors because I'd rather half of humanity die than all of it. I'd rather lose the nuclear war than end civilization. I would assume the decision to start the war wasn't the will of the people, but a small group of political elites, who will one day die, and centuries will pass, and it will be better if more people survived and more land remained unpolluted by radiation.

  5. Great video and what a call he made but quoting that old nuclear winter report is a bit irresponsible.
    It is not accurate and based on rough guesses on how high the dust would rise into the atmosphere and how long it would stay that high. The parameters used to calculate it were extreme to the extent of being manipulative but understandable given the cold war emotions.
    Remember there were an estimated 1,000,000 extra terminations of pregnances in Russia and Western europe in the year following the chenoble accident and the only real death statistics that can be identified is 5000 additional cases of thyroid cancer causing 15 deaths. Mainly children drinking contaminated milk produced on contaminated grasslands.
    So you could effectively say that media drama, misinformation and doctors believing it has caused 10s of times more deaths from radiation then wars and accidents ever have. It would be annoying if it didn't have such consequences.
    You can pop disinformation bubbles rather then propagate them. I am not suggesting you take seriously some random person in the comments. I am a big fan and I am certainly no expert on nuclear war but I keep seeing figures pop up that dont match the standard narrative at all. I would love it if you researched it yourself and created a peice on the actual and comparative dangers of radiation and radioactive dust

  6. It was not the first time a Soviet saved the world from doomsday, as an officer aboard a Soviet sub saved the world during The Cuban Missile Crises by not launching nuclear laden missiles

  7. Ironic part is, if Russia had decided to launch against the US, the US would likely decide that the Russian missile launches were false alarms, as had happened 4 times in the previous 4 years. Also, I wonder if Petrov only considered the possibility of a false alarm because he knew the American system was experiencing false alarms.

  8. Dude the early 1980’s (1983, 1984, early 1985) is where the Cold War tensions were really heating up with the Soviet Union. We were getting closer to a possible nuclear war each day. On 26 September 1983, the nuclear early-warning system of the Soviet Union reported the launch of one intercontinental ballistic missile with 4 more missiles behind it, from bases in the United States. These missile attack warnings were suspected to be false alarms by Stanislav Petrov, an officer of the Soviet Air Defence Forces on duty at the command center of the early-warning system. He decided to wait for corroborating evidence—of which none arrived—rather than immediately relaying the warning up the chain-of-command. This decision is seen as having prevented a retaliatory nuclear attack against the United States and its NATO allies, which would likely have resulted in an escalation to a full-scale nuclear war. Investigation of the satellite warning system later determined that the system had indeed malfunctioned. Why do you think that between 1983 & 1984 tons of Nuclear War movies such as: ‘The Day After,’ ‘Threads,’ ‘Testament’ & a few others were made through that time? Now people just saying stuff like: ‘I miss the 1980’s,’ ‘Life was so much simple back then’ and stuff like that just makes me really uncomfortable.

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