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00:00 – Hero Stopped Club Q Gunman
04:50 – Biden Among Growing Group of 80+ Americans Still Working
07:52 – TikToker Sparks Debate By Walking Girlfriend on Leash
09:17 – Sponsored by KiwiCo
10:03 – Alabama Pauses Lethal Injections After Third Failed Attempt
12:12 – Mercedes Throws Electric Car Horsepower Behind Paywall
14:00 – Iran Starts Enriching Uranium
15:31 – Maricopa Election Official Moved to Secure Location After Threat
18:17 – Sponsored Lolli
19:03 – Discussing Rise of Extremism with Experts


Hero Stopped Club Q Gunman:
We make it a point to not include the names and pictures of those who may have been seeking attention or infamy and will not link out to websites that might contain such information.

Biden Among Growing Group of 80+ Americans Still Working:

TikToker Sparks Debate By Walking Girlfriend on Leash:

Alabama Pauses Lethal Injections After Third Failed Attempt:

Mercedes Throws Electric Car Horsepower Behind Paywall:

Iran Starts Enriching Uranium:

Maricopa Election Official Moved to Secure Location After Threat:

Discussing Rise of Extremism with Experts:
Produced by: Philip DeFranco
Edited by: James Girardier, Julie Goldberg, Maxwell Enright, Christian Meeks
Art Department: Brian Borst, William Crespo
Writing/Research: Philip DeFranco, Brian Espinoza, Maddie Crichton, Lili Stenn, Chris Tolve, Star Pralle
Production Team: Emma Leid
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48 thoughts on “The Truth About THAT Video, Belle Delphine, Hero Richard Fierro, Maricopa, Iran, & More

  1. Phil please stop taking breaks. Every time you do I panic when a video doesn't drop as normally scheduled… but further than that it seems almost every time you do some horrific crazy shit happens during it. D:

    (I jest… mostly. Enjoy the break!)

  2. Love you Phil, but how you turn an "Iran has potential for nukes" story into an anti-Israel one is a little absurd. Trying to even compare the two is insane. Of course Israel would sabotage Iran's efforts. Iran is bent on the destruction of the State of Israel. Making your story seem that Israel is the bad guy, or even comparable to Iran, is disingenuous. Not liking your coverage of Israel at all recently.
    Also not story on the two bombs in Jerusalem of course.

  3. Some of your sponsorships are very questionable. The one that needs addressing though is Established Titles. First point./ The land is never yours legally. 2?. The title is fake. 3/. There is no evidence they are plating trees. Please cease this sponsorship as it is a SCAM !!!!

  4. Woah! Was I totally wrong thinking the PDS might be coming to a conclusion after this next election cycle? Hearing you’re not going to retire is MUSIC to my ears! But maybe I was wrong lol.

  5. Joe Rogan was saying there were side effects to the vaccine and that was a “conspiracy theory” to democrats. Silencing one side of the political aisle is not okay and republicans are disproportionately being silenced

  6. Do these car companies not realize there are engineers out there that will 1000% hack their cars and give people every paywall feature for a flat rate right?

  7. If Mercedes proceeds with their ass-backwards idea, I'm sure some grearhead is gonna get the bright idea to crack it. After all, no system is perfect and impervious to pen.

  8. 25% of Maricopa machines were malfunctioning in Maricopa County in primarily Republican areas, but move along, nothing to see here, it's a conspiracy.

    – Philip DeFranco

    Questioning elections is extremism, unless you're Stacey Abrams, Hillary Clinton, Al Gore or the Democrat Party.

    – Philip DeFranco

    If you disagree with the approved political narrative, you are an extremist, a conspiracy theorist and your free speech should be Censored.

    – Philip DeFranco

  9. I took a class about the real world ramifications different social media sites have had on the world. The two parts that stood out to me the most was Myanmar and how fast misinformation spreads on Twitter versus clarification and facts rebutting it.

  10. Independent Australian journalist & comedian Friendly Jordies had his house firebombed this week after what has been a collection of well investigated exposés on some of our countries most powerful companies/people/politicians and multiple failed attempts at litigation against him and his small team. Sad news for the state of journalism in Australia today, FJ has gone on hiatus and our Murdoch run mainstream media continue to dox him on national TV. An important story to tell.

  11. The right is more likely to turn to violence? Lol remind me what party blm and antifa aligned with I don’t remember seeing republicans burning down their own cities and looting small businesses or outright attacking police.

  12. Where's the line guys? This comment won't make it to top comment, I posted it WAY too late but where is the line?

    You want Mark Zuckerberg or someone who he pays so that they can put food on their table dictating what is and isn't a valid message? You guys need to grow up, ideas are a powerful thing but the reason their dangerous in a free society is because no body knows what they value and they don't know how to measure the worth of ideas.

    Everyone deserves a platform, it isn't Facebooks job to make sure you don't get convinced the best remedy for a headache is buckshot. YOU are responsible for what you believe, if bad ideas are getting a lot of attraction from messed up extremists than we should probably try to understand why these ideas are attractive to them. Then we should help people who find those ideas attractive to find much more holistic ideas that are EQUALLY as attractive.

    Big business like Facebook and Google need to be broken up but don't sit there and say they need to censor your mom because you can't be arsed to help her with her mental health.

  13. They beat the breaks off of that monster, saw a video of him in court and he was a vegetable that had to be helped up by the two guys in front of him.

  14. Chris is a BAMF of the day for that 🤣🤣🤣 Thanks for giving us the belle delphine analytics always wanted to know how big the difference it was.

  15. You're the best Phil.

    You and your team are the only way I can process all the garbage, feel the negativity surge through me, then get back to a functionally positive outlook at the end of the day.

    I love that we can feel comfortable supporting you as a creator, as a person, your team and channel, and your content. All while actually wanting the merch 😆

    I was torn on ordering the new Emotionally Exhausted sweatshirt, but your ending all the way through "Have a great fuckin' day." just sealed it for me 🖤

    Have a great fuckin' holiday Phil!

  16. I don't understand the argument that pay locking acceleration is unrelated to server maintenance costs. Having continuous updates to car software is something that leaps way beyond the status quo of car companies releasing sub par software with no updates even as the the tech of features improves.

  17. Honestly, the bias here shows. There is more violence coming from the left than the right. I belong to neither group. Let me be clear. But you see way more violence from BLM and antifa protests.

    Maybe you are following news sources that are lying to you. For instance, after Paul Pelosi was attacked, they lied about it having to do with right wing extremism. These are the kinds of lies that inflame everything. Also the lies about the recent shooting.

  18. It's always great to see the party of blm weekly terrorist attacks against major cities for 2 years is now screeching about political extremism……. Oops no. Just people "denying elections"… Oops again sorry left wingers have been consistently denying elections since the year 2000. So denying elections starting from 2020 on only. Yeah that's extremism. Ignore the 2 billion dollars burned and looted, dozens murdered and hundreds injured by Phil's democrat blm terrorists.

  19. I can't believe that sick fucking shooter is trying to claim being non-binary! Extra special thanks to Mr. Fierro and the others that participated in taking that motherfucker down and stopping them from harming more people! I've got rainbow kids and I'm sick of being scared that they're growing up in a world that wants to kill them.

  20. When you purchase a car, you feel like you can do whatever you want to it. A car is a person's secondary castle. Sometimes we live in them, others use it for work. You are completely in control, and if you know a guy, you can modify it.

    You're buying a machine, not a service, this should be illegal. Even Apple doesn't force subscriptions to use their products at maximum usability.

  21. Alabama, HOW DO YOU FAIL LETHAL INJECTIONS? Y'all have heard of Arsenic right? Whatever y'all are doing, can you just admit you need help at this point? Within 2 Months? Smh

  22. Mercedes is doing what they're doing because they know douchebags will pay for it. They wouldn't even consider it if so many people didn't already willingly scam themselves, which in turn, leads to these companies believing that they can keep scamming others.

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