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‘Obliteration Imminent’ feat. Monique Pym of Reliqa, taken from the new LP ‘Trinity’, out now.


Mixed & Mastered by Jeff Dunne
Engineered by Mikey Arthur
Vocal Production by Steven Cannatelli
Additional Vocal Performance by Monique Pym
Additional Voice Acting by Nathan Duke & Monique Pym

“I’m not afraid to die, I’m just afraid to live.”
I’m not afraid to die, I’m just afraid to live. My obliteration’s imminent.

“Welcome to Hell, enjoy your stay.”

Damn you all; I’m not afraid to live, I’m just afraid to die.
“Girl of Glass, tell us your tale.”

The story begins with the destruction of my soul,
with every passing day, I’m feeling less and less at home.
Lions hunted by sheep; your father doomed us all.
This backwards place will break the unbreakable.

Like a shepherd of fire; I part the sea of flames.
Heavenly glow, don’t slow me down; I’m getting used to poisoning my ways.

And the night, it dances on, the black sun reminds me I’m long gone.
In my world, the dusk is everlast; like endless sand to an open-ended hourglass.
I haven’t slept for days. You can’t see my tears while I’m dancing in the rain.
‘So numb the pain’ is what you’d say if you had stayed with me.

But this body of glass shatters to your memory.

I am unbreakable, I’m so breakable. I am unbreakable, oh God, I’m so breakable.
My wings will let me fly, my bones will make me fall. My hope will let me fly, rope will pull me down.

I hope my oblivion sets in soon, so I can forget the memory of loving you.

Honestly, I want to breathe; the air that tastes so foul,
The air that burns my throat, that brings me to my knees.

And while I haven’t much left, I’ll keep the promise I kept.
Through it all, I’d orchestrate the end of the world for you.

I’m not afraid to live, I’m not afraid to live,
I’m just afraid to die inside when you see me alive.

I don’t want to die in your arms over and over again.
I don’t want to be stuck in a limbo,
I want the life I’m owed,
I’ll come back home to you.”

“Ah, the one that took his own life for his brother; with all suffering gone, you were reborn not a man, but a warrior…”
“The deadliest Hell has seen…”

In Lore:
After double crossing Section 13, leading to her death, Rachel spent an extended amount of time in the limbo dimension where the Panel of Judgement decided her fate, where she was able to ‘haunt’ Jay. However, the Panel cast her to the Garden for an ancient blood-line connection to the first angels that created the multiple dimensions, and she was forbidden from making contact with Jay from her new world in the Garden. Feeling out of place in the heavenly world, she became addicted to the idea of being close to the one she loved, and began to secretly work on necromantic spells that would allow her to visit the Mortal Realm. This led to her visiting Jay frequently, but she was soon discovered by Gatekeepers of the Panel, and sentenced to an eternity in the Rabbit Hole for her disobeyment. Once in the Hole, she continued to use the necromancy to contact her love, but with the change of atmosphere and the substitution of various ingredients, Rachel’s state of mind began to slowly decay with each visit to her lover’s slumber until he prevented her visiting again after discovering he was the one that killed her via proxy of Sherlock, and locking Sherlock out with ‘The Damned Seal’. Distraught and broken, she aimlessly wandered Hell’s Plains, hunted by demons for her angelic lineage, and Gatekeepers for her further use of dark magic and attempt at contacting other dimensions. As she continued to hide and run, she vowed that she’ll one day return home to Jay so she can be with him again. After some time, at a point near death, she is saved by an ethereal figure and a knight in mechanical armour; The Narrator and The Ronin.
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