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47 thoughts on “How To Make The BEST Bubble Hash (easy)

  1. It's funny how I used to use a bucket and The bubble bags and used to have a drill l. One of those mixing tools it had like three edges and it was all plastic kind of created the motion of the washer

  2. having lots of 25 is trichome stalks, broken heads, plant contaminate and immature heads so maybe not growing the marijuana correctly (immature heads),. too rough of washing and too dry of bud,.. are reasons for too much in the 25..
    get rid of the 25 bag and replace it with a 45 micron,..

  3. Wouldn't it make more sense to just freeze the bud and crumble it into the bag setup and run water through it ? I can't see the washing machine getting every last trichrome. out of the center of the buds. And since the bags are meant to separate anyways, just seems like you're making the process way more difficult than it needs to be.

  4. "IM GONNA SHOW HOW YOU HOW TO DO THIS EASILY" proceeds to make modifications and buy alternative products and then uses reverse osmosis water as if everyone can access that….

  5. Been using this method for nearly 15 years although we used to use bucket, ice, water and a paint stirrer and electric drill. Got same results but used less bags. And only ever used leaf not heads gets same results too. For shits n giggles we used strait Vodka as we distilled our own and had two final products hash infused with vodka non alcoholic cause evaporation process and second hash infused VODKA….. Great at parties lol

  6. It is so hard to get wax and other concentrates here in Norway. I want to move someplace wher it is legal. Since I am an opiate addict, I am not allowed medical cannabis… How the hell am I gonna get off?

  7. It took me so long to find your channel. I typed strain show in and nothing came up. I had to find that stupid money hungry weed lawyer guys youtube to find you…. They are shaddow banning you.

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