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Luis Chaparro is an investigative journalist moving between the border of Texas and Mexico covering narcos & drug cartels.


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00:00 – Luis on Felix Rodriguez
09:46 – What is the Cartel dynamic in Mexico now?
12:36 – Cartel propaganda in US media
16:49 – Catrel corporate structure
25:43 – Ancient Mayan artifacts
26:55 – Cartel exploitation of fishing trade
33:01 – Cartel guacomole war during Superbowl
37:02 – Farmers fighting cartels
39:06 – Damaso Lopez Serrano (El Mini Lic)
48:20 – Luis’ crazy DM list
53:31 – How El Mini Lic contacted Luis
01:04:52 – El Mini Lic wealth
01:08:59 – Luis’ 12 hr interview w/ El Mini Lic
01:17:01 – How El Mini Lic became a cartel leader
01:19:51 – El Mini Lic relationship w/ El Chapo
01:28:19 – Vice News bankrupcy
01:33:09 – Publishing the Cartel stories independently
01:40:26 – Los Chapitos requests to buy information from Luis
01:47:59 – Extradition of Ovideo Guzman
01:58:19 – Why does the USA want to extradite prisoners out of Mexico?
02:02:11 – Cartel connection to CIA
02:05:24 – El Plaga (the plague)
02:10:20 – Luis’ video interview with El Plaga
02:12:10 – How El Plaga escaped prison
02:19:36 – How cartels recruit young kids as hit men
02:23:32 – Luis’ goal is to illustrate the killers, not their idolized lifestyle
02:26:30 – TITAN spy software that Mexian Cartels are using
02:31:12 – Mexican Cartels can live track your cellphone
02:36:09 – Mexican Government selling technology to Cartels
02:43:00 – Cartels making more money smuggling people than cocaine
02:49:19 – Immigrants vs White people working and GDP
02:55:14 – Cartel development over the next 5 years?


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26 thoughts on “Mexican Cartels Just Hijacked Military Spy Technology | Luis Chaparro

  1. So, suddenly this Pocho dumazzz claims that the cartel kows coding, such as Pytnon, MySQL injection, Kali Linux, Metasploit, Nmap, etc,,
    I thought we Mexicans are low iq and stupiddd?
    Make up your mind.

  2. When I hear they hijacked spy tech automatically makes me believe they were given it or sold it and are being provided support on how to use it by corrupt government organizations

  3. 🎶 KOOOONCREEEETTT POOOODCAAAASSST. KONCRETE PODCAST!! Re-branding? Danny Joney? The dude from The Monkeys? Na, jk. Good luck. I hope you stay away from conspiracy and concentrate more on real stories and real people. Leave that National Inquiror junk for Boomer ass Toe Rogan. Imo✌️❤️

  4. Hang in there bro. I have 13 years sober from heroin and opiate based medications. I still consume other plants meds and I think sobriety can look different for each person. I would try and encourage plant consumption over prescribed medications. If you are at a point where you may take Subs again, perhaps an organic option may help your healing process, which takes lots of time and patience. Keep at it bro 💪

  5. we also used to get bricks of the shittiest weed, ever. from around the keys, put on a shrimp boat & brought here to eastern NC. also coke, too. few guys done time for it back in the late 80s/early 90s was crazy to see a full fish hold, full of nothing BUT bricks!!!

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