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32 thoughts on “Meta Just Achieved Mind-Reading Using AI

  1. This is really interesting and exciting. I have nothing to hide so they can read away. But really this would be cool to see what people in comas might be thinking about if anything …

  2. This is horrible news. If that thing becomes mainstream not only will 1984 become reality but it will be much worse. In the book at some point spoiler alert, O’Brien tells Winston smith while he is torturing him that the state’s goal is to be able to read the mind, control everything but they haven’t been able to achieve that. Our freewill is a God given right. We must not surrender it. We must defend it at all cost!

  3. We think google is already way ahead on this. Some friends that own google devices have said that when they think of something like going to the beach, there google device shows not only ads about the beach but google search also shows beach options

  4. God alone can read minds not scientific research. This is a whole lie. Ai is for tracking data's around the world and duplicate the behaviour of minds. They control your movement purely for business,but never to protect data's. Ai turn to be hackers in human minds. Elon Musk was right!!

  5. They could already read our minds well I mean they have so much data on us it’s not hard for them to predict our thoughts nd movements especially if our activities are routined so yea basically mind reading

  6. Remember this people, let the rich drawn in their own miserable creations. Don't let them ever get close to temper with your mind, they have already played with your mind long enough. it's the only thing worth protecting at all cost. Fight to elevate your consciousness, real uncreated divinity awaits you. To me that's the only Fight worth Fighting. Join the anitmata movement, you're more than you know. Peace

  7. I could see a future where some human brains are operated by other people or AI programs via remote computers. The slaves would be used for entertainment or work tasks by higher class citizen hosts, to prevent harm to the host.

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