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6 thoughts on “Culta x Clean Core (The Best Cartridge In Baltimore,Md) – Icey Smokes

  1. Distillation process by nature separates the terps and cannabanoids .. they then reintroduce the terps.. it’s at this time when they can add “ natural terps” aka fruit juice.. definitely stay away from distillate carts.. imo..

  2. Love that explanation on the distillate! It's absolutely true!
    I find it hurts my lungs more so I only vape live resin or if I'm lucky, rosin. I love the rosin the best…doesn't hurt at all. And live resin doesn't hurt either, unless I use it everyday.
    I gotta try the new ceramic carts at Culta, but I dunno…, but always willing to try their stuff. You always sell me on em lmao. Although I hear from everyone they are some of the highest quality out there! I am willing to try it! Next time I'm near there~

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