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26 thoughts on “Best Ways To Use Medicinal Cannabis: Beginner’s Guide

  1. Ya reckon it could be possible to use a small amount of ground flower in a dish used like an erb? I feel like that could work to gain all the benefits, edible style…

  2. Thanks! Having been a stoner since 1976, I couldn't articulate upon this subject better.

    My oldest is about to try it for medicine, and has never smoked before. I recommended that's where we start, just to get familiar with the effects in a controllable manner. We'll likely go to.RSO next, as it's psy effects are similar to smoke, and we have ultimate control over dosage.

  3. It's all about getting the right sardines and cannabis compounds in the strain to prolong the I there are strings out there it's still have the ability to get you stoned for hours and most people don't pay attention to the strains or keep them around which is a huge mistake

  4. It's not about how long you been smoking cannabis it's about getting the right cannabis to get multiple hours of high I thought the same thing until I started running this purple kush I've been reading for years because of that ability to have multiple hours feeling stoned got the same effect from purple punch as well I had to combine them in an autoflower that only takes 12 weeks from seed and gets me stoned for two to three hours every time I smoke you can't go wrong and produces resinous buds that press very well

  5. I love edibles, they give me an amazing high, that can last a very long time. It starts with a wave of "oh this is happening" and I'm able to breathe without loads of anxiety, it then subsides to a nice mild high for the lasting duration. That being said, it sadly takes me 1-2 hours before edibles start to kick in, which can be an issue if I need instant relief. I wish they would work in 30 minutes for me

  6. Can you make a video on what it takes to call the bud medical like pest management p.o water .. what else? Or how can a home grower grow their own medical grade or close to it

  7. Instead of the lawmakers restricting the amount of thc in edibles, they should make it law to include some cbd edibles to come with it in case it hits to hard, the cbd could bring down that high enough to avoid a possible tragedy. Years ago I ate too much and took a cbd gummy when the high was becoming to much, the cbd not only brought it down but it felt amazingly body euphoric. I felt as if I was floating on the couch. I used to be a heroin user and I can honestly say 100% that experience was just as pleasurable as any opiod I ever had taken.

  8. Thank you, I know the old ways, I schooled myself with y’all’s help on todays ways and am excited. I received my first new these days bongs come from eBay today and it was broken. Stinks but was able to try the smoke in paper. Ty for your expertise, i cannot get enough information fast enough.

  9. 2:44 for those who may not already know vaping bud also means you can reuse your bud as AVB in homemade edibles.
    6:41 ive been told that your digestion slows or stops when you sleep so that would explain staying or finally feeling high after having an edible late at night or right before sleep

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