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37 thoughts on “Fatboy SSE on Gambling $500K, Basketball Game vs. Sharp, His Sister’s Passing & More – No Jumper

  1. At least da jomie has realized early than others there is a time to grow meanin groth and wot u is gunna do with ur life prioritys . Peeps from tha gutta. Wanna get out better themselfs. Not like these grown mans gettin rich tha bag .. but wanna stay in tha gutta . Thats the difference between the fake and tha real

  2. Best interview of sharp i always thought fatboy was joke he a real one and that shit he said about his homies and bitches choosen is the reason i ain't got no homies sad really ain't no friends in this world just close loved ones n Family …good interview to yall stay up love from WSP AZ

  3. Looking good fat boy💯💯👌👌 lost a lot of weight man, look super healthy and happy! Super glad you’ve got to create the life you have for yourself man! Much deserved brother💯💯💯.

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