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41 thoughts on “Bizzy Banks on his Brooklyn Upbringing, Going Beyond Drill, Losing Pop Smoke & More – No Jumper

  1. Adam, you need to fire all these illiterate, uneducated, disrespectful, ignorant, tactless employees you have. Hire some people who know what they’re doing. Not dudes from the streets who don’t know the first thing about working a job much less being on television. Adam, I think now is the time to destroy and rebuild. I don’t think you’re blinded by the idea that those people are friends. They’re employees who you’ve built a relationships with but at the ends of the day it’s business. You need to focus on business. Drop this staff you have before something happens that is no coming back from. Wish you the best my guy. Get your show outta L.A. too. Come back to the east coast.

    D.C. is jumping now. Not as violent as it used to be. Gentrification has changed the city to much. I could get into watching you if you lost these bozos you have hosting these shows. They can’t form a sentence, speak on anything intelligent, they’re just a mess. Look at Joe Buddens show for instance, you can have people that know the streets, hip-hop, etc. and can still carry on an intelligence conversation. This show needs to grow. Not to rag on your show, you built something great but I think it needs to grow now and change. Think of all the air time that wouldn’t be wasted with filler bullshit of those bozos giving their unwanted opinions on what’s going in the culture. You could be having great in-depth conversations and bringing in a new audience as well.

  2. TRell always gotta yell his two cents in. He ain't wearing heathers shades still is he? Everyone hired thought they could bring their homies SMACC was coming around and coming in peace. Adam brought too many personalities in and they're all street smart. They all wanna get to the top And Adam better realize all this drama is gonna make him go bald again give him high blood pressure and these guys have been wanting a piece of Adams pie pause since they realized they could make a outlet out of it cause Adam is only one dude he can't watch and focus on all the plays being ran on him behind his back. Lush just opened Adams eyes to it sooner than I thought he'd catch on. Hopefully he sees the other snakes. If they ain't happy at how much exposure they get at nojumper go start your own channel bitch I'm tired of these burnt out rappers 40 year old burnt out coked out former pimps And house phone has had excuses since his first podcast. RIP his mom but he been sniffing and Adam gave him chances after chance and probably paid him a million he didn't have to show up 2 hours for a pod cast what once of twice at when he was working there before he got caught with his second tr4ns wifey in the studio. What's he ever done productive in the studio? He
    A black lusb And the rest of these guys getting checks written out think they're big leagues. Let em run their 5,000 viewers a stream if they're lucky on a good day streaming from what was a extra baby room they never used. I'm also tired of @adam22 giving his close friends opportunities And they think it's ok to bring their whole family to nojumper like Adam needs to have all these dudes with no talent on his payroll. Go do your own pod cast if your so talented a rapper a actor and the head of LA. You ain't shit without ADAM22 NO CAP if you can't except that you're mad I'm right. I don't even know who mighty suspect still is and how he ever got a spot. He says the same things, has no vocabulary and spends his paychecks on lean. If he didn't have daddy suspect get his foot in the door he'd be in skinny jeans doing the teach me how to dougy. You wanna see a real one, look at BMXVell he's been real since day one. If you ginger geek v1rg1ns can't take what I'm saying smd

  3. So cool to see a former student on a podcast I’m a fan of. Thanks for shouting out BSMt/prospect campus and keeping it 💯 You haven’t changed despite the fame. Mr maxwell & ms jelley say hi! I hope mom is well!

  4. Rip pop smoke man,
    We were robbed of a legend.
    Pop smoke was about to take over the game .
    “God gave me a lot in some months” but it can go in a second”
    Rip woo we miss you bashar woo forever legend 💫💫💫

  5. Only watching this interview Bc of adam22 let’s see who he put me on thank you no jumper your inspiration for out channel ‼️‼️‼️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

  6. Yo word to my dead this really a small world I always wonder why bizzy looked so familiar it's crazy cuz I know we both from bk but when he was talking bout crown heights I'm like ight he talking bout my side what if he went to the same school as me n then he said it that's crazy s.o to my ps,12 heads I was in that shit from kindergarten – 8th 😂

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