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5 thoughts on “Wet Gloves #3 by BabaMasha

  1. Hey Chris it's a shame that I couldn't get this information to you but even if I could have you would have not been able to make it if you was busy cuz this stuff sold out in like 4 hours or some hour close to that but I went to a literally rushed to Culta for a strain we both have tried many times Garcia Florida kush but this time what was special and made me rush to go get it is that it was 5.47 Terps I've never heard a terpene profile for flower to have the level be that high in terpenes it was a crazy number that even the budtender said the same thing I haven't opened it or tried it yet but it's sold out super fast it was $35 a 8th took a day to fill out it took probably 4/5 hours I would literally kill for some new powerezzup I don't know if you heard anything about this but I was told by Culta they told me that they aren't growing cookies anymore

  2. Amazing review!!! I was so geeked to Finally get anything from Babamasha that when we finally linked I got an eighth of everything they had available. Before opening the bag just the sight of all three let me know that this was definitely Craft Cannabis. That Wet Gloves 🧀 was so pretty I knew I had to get to my house to enjoy it. Your review was spot on!! My favorite of the 4 was the Sour Chem Breath #3. Can’t wait for your review on that one. Salute to you and the Babamasha team. Genetics 🧬 are on point!πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

  3. Ayee πŸ”₯ vid Chris πŸ™Œ wassup Greg 😎 I got some garlic cookies and kush mints, very nice stuff grassroots and k mints by curio I kinda like curio kush mints better than gr I πŸ€”

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