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12 thoughts on “Cap Junky by Grassroots Cannabis Co.

  1. I hate when I pass a joint or a blunt and I get it back all unevenly burning I call it running I’ve heard canoeing, but honestly, I think we can all agree. It’s the most annoying thing. Honestly, I’d rather smoke by myself.

  2. Do you want to see your views skyrocket? Just let people know how bad this stuff really is…
    Everybody knows… Most people think it’s just them whose ears are ringing and who has that same annoying high that really isn’t a high…

    People would love to see you compare side-by-side Very good homegrown that’s sticky icky to the dry slimy green nightmare that is coming from the dispensary.
    You could show the homegrown sticking to your hand while the dispensary stuff turns into powder…

    People are waiting for the truth… They don’t taste quality… But they are lost … They need to hear that the dispensary stuff is garbage.

    And once this happens… The word gets out… Maybe the industry will change but in the meantime… You are addicted to crack… Not marijuana… Cigarette like product that you avoided all your life but now… Totally addicted and cannot quit.

    I know I would tune in to some truth about this garbage cannabis like product…

    People would be blown away by knowing it isn’t only them that hates the dispensary trash. Peace brother… No harm intended…

  3. Do you mind if I get real for a second?
    Right now I’m sitting in front of grass roots polar Xpress flower… It’s trash … The first thing that happened was my ears started to ring … Right after I took a hit. Then it subsided a little bit and the high is like attention deficit drug prozac or something like that… Weird… Not marijuana.

    I searched the bottle… I asked the dispensary for any information if this is 100% cannabis and nobody could tell me if it is. It certainly isn’t marked 100% cannabis on the bottle.

    And do you know why it is not marked 100% cannabis?

    Because everything about it is synthetic.

    Take a magnifying glass and look at a bud close up . Do you see Turpines… Little dew drops? Of course you don’t… Because there are none

    There’s no oil… There’s no resin … Just a bunch of green …stuck on a stick… It resembles marijuana … I’ve never seen marijuana look like that before the dispensaries came about…

    So let’s recap…
    No Turpines… Taste like shoe polish… Second hit taste like wet logs… No resin … No oils… Just some kind of plant material.
    I don’t get ringing in my ears unless I hit this product.

    One other thing… All of this product is the same… The same size bud… The same weird look… The same shoe polish taste… The same dry zero oil Orwellian look… The only difference is the fancy packaging.

    They will tell you to try just a different brand… It won’t help. It’s all the same.

    Why not tell the truth about it? Also, go get yourself some homegrown if you can… The only reason why this product is in front of me is because I have no connect to quality weed.
    Get the homegrown and make a comparison side-by-side… You will see what I’m talking about.

    Grass roots… Just as disgusting as the rest of it. And whatever you do… Stay away from the edibles… Who knows what’s in those garbage things? My friend was addicted… He committed suicide. I was addicted… I felt like an empty bottle… I am not addicted anymore and will never take those.
    The empty bottle feeling went away immediately after I stopped… I stopped the day of his funeral.

  4. Hey Chris and what up Greg picked this one up from Culta along with Northern lights x Stardawg for $70 for both and I'm glad that I did because they only had that sale going on for that one day and everything flew off the shelves mainly cap junkie flew off so I'm definitely glad I got that deal also picked up Tic Tac but haven't opened it yet also haven't tried the cap junkie yet either but I got a 2 nug 8th in Tic Tac also the Tic Tac is London pound mints times something else I forget I could have even bin Kush mints but I'm not sure on anything except the London pounds which is fire I've never had that myself anxious to try them hybrids out

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