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For today’s episode, we have some customer states photos and videos from all around the web and sent in by subscribers! If you have any questions about any of the photos or videos, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, check out the bottom of this description for more information about each photo & clip.

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Here’s the last video, just in case you haven’t seen it yet:

Morgan Smith via ViralHog

Each photo & video described.
These videos are meant to be educational but also funny, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

0:00 Intro
0:05 This was on an Audi (didn’t mention the model). The customer said they had no clue how this could happen. The technician mentioned it was the first time this Audi came to his dealership so maybe it was done by another shop, dealership, or by the customer. The washer line got reconnected properly and a new battery was installed.
0:18 The customer paid to get a new engine installed. The technician also mentioned that the customer apparently kept adding oil to their engine but it still wouldn’t start so that’s why it was towed to his shop.
0:32 Leak in the brake line. The technician was okay and had it mostly sprayed onto his phone and a bit into his mouth. However, I thought the laugh in the clip was hilarious and had to share it.
0:41 That is a block of ice underneath the oil pan. As mentioned the customer thinks it was one of their employees who did this. The technician hasn’t mentioned yet what the customer is going to do about this.
0:51 Since this vehicle had aftermarket coil overs installed they require a sleeve on the end to properly fit in the spindle. The customer never installed the sleeves onto the coil overs, so that’s why they slid out of the spindles when the vehicle was lifted.
1:02 The technician was trying to remove the axle nut but the end of the cv axle came off, half of the bearing and half of the brake rotor. An unusual issue!
1:14 Fuel lines were damaged as well.
1:21 A great idea for a hood release!
1:31 Always best to drop the fuel tank to change your fuel pump if there isn’t an access hole to do so. The customer is lucky they didn’t have their vehicle go up in flames when they were cutting an access hole.
1:39 The customer’s father had completely covered the EVAP canister with spray foam. Could possibly work but you’d be better off replacing the EVAP Canister.
1:50 Haven’t got an update on what the customer wants to do yet in regards to this. Hopefully, their brother wasn’t actually charging them to change their oil and not doing it!
2:04 The shop installed a new bulb as requested.
2:13 The customer did not get their tire repaired and had to sign a waiver before leaving.
2:20 Left – bushing wasn’t installed underneath the top washer.
Right – they didn’t install the bushing properly on top of the sway bar link and double-stacked it instead.
2:26 The customer kept driving on a bad wheel bearing for quite a while which damaged the spindle, backing plate, and cv axle.
2:34 No extra info.
2:44 “I had to unbolt the glass from the track to get that picture and clean it out.”
2:54 “Followed this car driving through Johns Creek, GA, and was behind him for about four miles. His car looked like it had been totaled and eventually, the tires fell off so his wheels were dragging which led to the fire in the video. He eventually pulled over in Roswell, GA on Holcomb Bridge Road and got out of the car safely which is when the fire truck pulled up to extinguish.”
3:07 Outro. Thanks for watching!


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34 thoughts on “Customer States Washer Fluid Is Coming Out Of Their Battery | Just Rolled In

  1. That car on fire reminded me of a friend who was in the army at the time. She and her army friends went to town on their day off and on the way back to base they saw a truck hauling a trailer which was on fire. They drove next to the truck yelling that the trailer is on fire. The driver still didn't understand until one of her soldier buddies took out his lighter and gesture fire trailer. Then truck driver looked into his mirror and finally realized the smoke.

  2. I am a tech at a Mazda dealership and I get pretty upset seeing vehicles treated poorly. I’ve always had a love and respect for ALL cars and don’t think they should be neglected or abused. Seeing trashed and smelly cars really upsets me as does deferred maintenance. Imagine spending 30k on something and treating it like a dumpster, people are terrible sometimes. I do really appreciate the customers that maintain their car and keep it clean, they’re often cool people too.

  3. Does no one know how to change a tyre? i see so many videos of people driving on flats or on the rims! My dad made me rotate all FIVE tyres in my first car (including the spare) so I knew how to do it.

  4. I'm a complete incompetent but even I know how to replace a headlight bulb or even the whole headlight

    like, it's not that hard. crack the hood open and fiddle with the light until it's fixed, a reasonably smart person will figure it out. I guess that's the problem though. despite what some people think a saws-all can't fix everything

  5. That last one reminded me of many years ago when I lived in an inner city flat. After a while your ears get attuned to normal noises and what makes them and where. But some people are just not aware of what goes on around them.
    One night I awoke at about 1 AM and I could hear this kerflump-kerflump-kerflump noise coming down the street towards me. It slowed down and stopped at the traffic lights. Then it started up again. It accelerated then slowed and stopped opposite my flat. I couldn't imagine what it was, so I got up and looked out the window. There was a car, with a back tire completely flat and damaged. The driver got out, opened the hood and studied the engine a minute or two. Then he closed the hood, administered a kick to the bumper bar, and got back in.
    He started the engine and off he went, kerflump ….. kerflump … kerflump .. kerflump kerflump … the car lurching at every kerflump.

  6. … can you report some of these 'decline repairs' folks to the local PD, or something? Some of these are a shudder inducing road hazard.

  7. I busted two oil pans on my sonic and didn't know (super low clearance to the ground btw) and it made it home upon pulling into the drive way the oil all settled in the pan and poured out on the concrete. After two new pans it still went strong now after a trade in it'll be the dealership's problem 😂

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