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For today’s episode, we have some customer states photos and videos from all around the web and sent in by subscribers! If you have any questions about any of the photos or videos, feel free to ask in the comments. Also, check out the bottom of this description for more information about each photo & clip.

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Each photo & video described.
These videos are meant to be educational but also funny, so if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!

0:00 Intro
0:05 118,000 miles / 189902 kilometres on this Peugeot with no records of the last service.
0:21 Nuts for lower and upper ball joints were loose on both sides. As mentioned the customer just had a wheel fly off while driving on the highway. The technician said he know’s why a wheel came off, considering all the nuts were loose.
0:34 Hose clamps around a u-joint on the rear driveshaft of this customer’s vehicle. The customer didn’t mention this or the vibration they have when it came in to get new tires.
0:38 200,000 miles / 321868 kilometres on this Hyundai Tucson. What you see is a very rusted rear sub-frame. The technician has no clue why the customer installed a new brake caliper and somehow did not see this.
0:48 Let’s hope the customer doesn’t crash and the airbags deploy.
0:58 Customer never had the vehicle inspected and a coil spring was replaced with this piece of wood.
1:05 The customer agreed to pay the shop to check over the work and have them tighten the nuts for the sway bar links.
1:27 The technician never got the full story from the customer on what they actually hit to bend the radiator, A/C condenser, and radiator supports.
1:38 The technician said: ” I got a call later from the guy saying his motor won’t start, after towing it to me I pulled the valve cover this is what I found….. Later I found out he put expanding foam ’cause he couldn’t find seafoam…”
1:51 The customer didn’t try replacing the battery but apparently towed it to another shop that had more experience than this one. The vacuum line to the brake booster is broken, and that’s why they have a complaint about the brakes not working properly.
2:32 Just a funny one as it’s Halloween today.
2:40 Looks to be aluminum foil tape that the customer covered their vehicle in.
2:50 No extra info from the technician.
3:08 13000 miles / 20921 kilometres on the vehicle. The technician said: “It will need a new engine. It was grinding and had no oil pressure and had to be towed to a dealership.”
As you see the drain plug is missing and the customer drove without oil for a while.
3:20 The customer declined repairs to get a new oil pan gasket installed.
3:30 “I saw a video with a car that had pumpkins at the end of the exhaust that was making fire. I thought it would be cool with real coal.”
3:38 Outro. Thanks for watching!


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23 thoughts on “Customer States Vehicle Has a Lack Of Power (No Service History) | Just Rolled In

  1. My heart palpitated seeing the spray foam in the engine. People, If you don't know anything about cars, just pay the expert; it's much less expensive than your screw-ups.

  2. so an MOT is not a thing in the US, you can just drive what ever you want on the road over there. literally every single on these cars would be illegal and taken off you if caught on the road with it over here, fined, and points on your license. crazy!!

  3. Depending on your speed, small animals can do a ton of damage. I hit a rabbit once and it took out my intercooler, radiator, and nearly the entire front end bodywork (on a '17 Focus RS) – but I hit this rabbit on an actual race track at above 100 mph….for a squirrel to do that much damage the guy had to be going at least 100 if not 120…or he thinks it was a squirrel and it was actually a badger or something…

  4. 0:38 omg to give this guy some credit, I have an old hyundai from early 2000s too (2005 accent) and that SOB is starting to rust real bad after only two winters (34k miles). It was my grandma's and she was the "old lady who only drove it to church and the grocery store". I love the thing but these cars have crap quality.

  5. spray foam, hahahahahahahhahahhaha. Insulation spray foam from your local hardware store. At least the engine is insulated, haha

    What is up with the pumpkin tailpipe. I bet it stinks when it got hot and good luck on cleaning the tips.

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