It’s not just that the Navajo need the internet – the internet needs the Navajo.

It’s estimated that 7 out of 10 households on rural tribal lands have absolutely no internet connection. Why is this, when you can drive just a few minutes off the reservation and get full access to broadband and cellular connections?

Motherboard visited Navajo Nation and Monument Valley, Utah to see what Darrah Blackwater and Shandiin Herrera – two cousins, lawyers (and soon to be lawyers), and Navajo citizens – are doing to help to solve the digital divide within their community and indigenous communities around the nation, by working on a community, infrastructural, and policy levels.

The Navajo & Hopi Resiliency Fund fund will help to create new communitiy centers around the Navajo Nation that will bring connectivity closer to community members. To learn more, go to

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