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🡇 ————— chapters & accreditation ————— 🡇
0:00 intro
1:09 the story of polybius
2:08 the context of arcades
3:57 gaming hoaxes
4:27 legends evolve over time
5:48 kids experiencing adverse effects
7:05 origin of the name Polybius
7:45 most prominent investigations into Polybius
8:23 the earliest mentions of the urban legend
8:57 descriptions of the gameplay
9:30 the nucleus of the legend
10:33 variety of clues
11:26 rogue synapse and the playable polybius
12:48 kids collapsing in the newspaper
13:23 men in black explained
14:59 recap
15:38 tip-offs and possible motives
16:41 gameplay
19:57 closing thoughts on Polybius
20:55 squarespace ad
21:48 cta
Additional Information
The story of Polybius from Skeptoid
The Video Game That Doesn’t Exist from Ahoy
Polybius on Wikipedia
Polybius Square on Wikipedia
High Res Splatterhouse TG16 Cover
April 1992 EGM article about Shen Long
Herobrine on
Herobrine on KnowYourMeme
Cache of the first known instance of Polybius on the internet
Rez HD gameplay by makuchan
Tempest gameplay by Ed C.
Qix gameplay by Old Classic Retro Gaming
Qix poster with pronunciation guide, uploaded by Jeff Gerstmann
Killer in the Arcade: The Legend Of Polybius
Alien Crush gampley by LongplayArchive
Cache of GamePro’s website verifying the text of the above
Rogue Synapse’s website
Wonderful Universe of TANG: Nightmares (footage of The Bishop of Battle)
Brian Mauro who played games too long,7639998
The original photo of a Polybius cabinet
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“Feel the Boogie” by Bassti
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