As we travel further through Japan’s north, we start to learn that each prefecture has its own distinct personality and flavours. Beginning in Matsuoka, our host Julian takes a traditional boat ride through a meandering river in Geibiki Gorge, Iwate Prefecture that leads to a mysterious good luck ritual.

From there, we find head further into Genbikei––a small town filled with lush trees and a mountainous landscape. There we find a master dumpling chef who serves his food via a system of ropes and pulleys suspended in the sky, who kindly lets us try our hand at serving his customers.

Finally, we head to Hachinohe in Aomori Prefecture with its long rocky coastlines. We meet a Shinto priest who shows us around a shrine before experiencing the nightlife (and copious sake) of Hachinohe Tokocho, where some locals challenge Julian to a Japanese drinking game.Subscribe to Munchies here:
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