On a Thursday close to halloween, we are in for a special treat with skateboarding pioneer and legend TONY HAWK and Legendary Rapper Trick Trick on the podcast today! Of course we got frequent guest host Eric BoBo in the house today with DJ C-Minus and E-Zone with some doobies rolled up ready to go!

Kicking off the show, we welcomed Tony and Trick Trick to the show thanks to the Insane Asylum and them waving Tony Hawk to the podcast. E-Zone brings up The Simpsons Episode and Tony’s experience being character in an episode. B-Real also being on an episode brought up the time Cypress Hill was banned from SNL. Tony discusses his early years picking up skateboarding and how it turned into his career with his parents being very supportive early. He divulges his first experiences with music from hanging at the skate park with friends. Tony was the only friend with his own house very young at 17 and with no parental supervision, many friends would be over hanging where he first had experiences with weed. Being an true athlete though, he didn’t let partying or smoking distract him from his work ethic so he didn’t indulge very much.

As the show starts getting deep, Tony was asked if he was getting a contact high and he talks about his first time smoking. Like many, he over did it a bit and continues on as B-Real asks about Tony’s first edible experience. Our other special guests Trick Trick and Eric Bobo both share wild edible stories themselves. Another story of when B-Real got a little too much before going on stage and the cypress hill members throwing “flags on the play” during sets. As the joints kept burning, the Hawk man asks B-Real about weed legalization and if he felt validated for being a pioneer and forerunner for cannabis since the beginning.

Of course the guys had to get into the legendary culture changing game “Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater” and Eric Bobo asks if Tony had “The Skills” on the game himself. Tony being a very busy person, didn’t have much time to continue playing the game to this day but he said very early that Jamie Thomas, another pro skater from the first game, was injured and developed in the game so much he would give feedback to the developers themselves. Tony not being a gamer himself much did, like C-Minus asks, about growing up playing 80’s arcade games. Tony, always purchasing the oldest to the newest console gaming systems, actually learned how to edit skate video from practicing on games first.

Paranormal activity a frequent topic on the podcast, the old man story was broken down to Tony and might have just made an appearance. Strictly good vibes around the old man, he doesn’t like tension or beef and B-Real stopping a hater previously. The Dr sent the wave to hit up his Mt. Kushmore compadres, Snoop dogg, Method Man and Redman. BoBo had a great story about water skiing and they discuss sports injuries. There is a possible collaboration in the future maybe with the Hawk man himself. The Insane Asylum had many questions and the show wrapped up with good vibes here in Downtown LA.

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