TACO TUESSSSDAY! We got another hotboxed episode coming up today, sit back and enjoy the show! we ask the Insane Asylum to Submit their submissions.

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Timestamps for this episode on youtube are below:
0:00​​ – Stream Start
8:24 – Show intro
11:00 – equal attention kit
14:10 – participation trophies?
17:00 – the kids discipline
20:00 – would you let a teacher spank your kid
23:45 – Eric Bobo was the wild andn the creative destruction of Young C-Minus
30:00 – the dangers of E-Zone burning and mixing chemicals
32:59 – Bobo’s Theory about playing Outside vs Staying inside
35:00 – Riding Bikes with the Boys
38:30 – Motor Bikes
41:00 – Bobo riding scooter with his Lady in the back
43:00 – Bobo crashing things
44:50 – Giant Sea Animals
51:00 – Kolten’s Scooter gang
53:39 – win a ps5 from CBD Lion
56:00 – E-Zone’s Silver Tooth
59:20 – Hiding in the stores
1:03:00 – the walk of blame
1:04:15 – submissions
1:15:15 – what you gonna play ini the mix?
1:18:00 – get that sleep

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