Roll up with us on this Thursday as we get through this week with the cast today We got another hotboxed episode coming up today but we ask the Insane Asylum to Submit their submissions.

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Timestamps for this episode on youtube are below:
0:00​​ – Stream Start
3:00​ – Show Intro
8:00 – classic hip hop
10:00 – LL Cool J
11:55 – Rapping Actors
14:30 -Hall of Fame
17:00 – good rap bad movie
19:15 – Gender reveal accident
22:00 – The Jackson’s
24:00 – band aid colors
27:30 – Booties getting Better
32:00 – math
34:00 – the kush demos
38:00 – GO VIRAL! shout out Mr. Beast
40:45 – Magic Revealed
49:50 – the boys and RIP donkey (fake or real?)
58:50 – donkeyyyyyyy!
1:03:50 – Where you think the Psycho in Les comes from? Horrow Movies
1:07:00 – So you just threw up…
1:12:30 – spirits of the working class
1:19:30 – submissions
1:23:00 – onlyfans millionaires
1:24:15 – nobody without ya phone
1:27:50 – open the doors
1:32:00 – Jay-z lyrics

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