Roll up with us on this Thursday as we get through this week with the cast today We got another hotboxed episode coming up today but we ask the Insane Asylum to Submit their submissions.

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Timestamps for this episode on youtube are below:
0:00​ – Stream Start
3:00 – Show Intro
4:05 – What’s the Date again? Tour Life
6:20 – Free Bobo
7:00 -Steak Cuts
8:30 – Veggie Time with DJ Psycho Les
12:30 – Eating Too Much
15:45 – WWF GF diet
18:00 – STFU Weed voice and the speed of High thoughts
21:00 – Going Heavy
23:00 – Cartoons to sleep, South park moments
26:30 – Family Guy doesn’t hit the same
28:30 – Super Monkey Hand
33:00 – 70’s were different times
37:00 – yesterdays show and Eitan the hall monitor
39:00 – The Gravity Bong and Vegas Heat
44:50 – Do you miss your Henny Bong?
48:00 – drinking too much
53:00 – but did you throw up
53:30 – Not Getting Reported and Cameras now
57:20 – Midnight Madness
1:01:00 -No Cell phones at shows
1:04:20 – Sleep When your Dead Mentality with GF and Undertaker
1:07:00 – Not April Fooling me. NY Weed legalization
1:09:00 – NYC driving
1:12:25 – April Fools Stories
1:13:30 – B-Real vs BigBoy
1:17:00 – mean pranks
1:19:00 – prank phone calls
1:23:00 – submissions
1:32:00 – Coughing
1:34:00 – Gravity Bong Time from Studen Glass with God Father
1:34:50 – Doors Open to the Insane Asylum for questions and comments
1:42:30 – Freddie Gibbs story

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