Tuesday in DTLA we had to ask Eric Bobo, after yesterdays mistaken run in with the law, How it felt driving into work today. Bobo had more time to let it sink in and he is still very thankful nothing happen but he has had experiences before this one so he knew how to react. The Matte black hand cuff they used was a new sight for the team who saw that happen while Bobo tried to react to the instructions he was given asking “What did a do” calmly. The crew starts talking about the weird weather conditions that have been going on around and the severe cold that the LA area has been feeling. They consider leaving with no power and what things you should stock yourself up with as food or survival needs. They reminisces on hitting Bobo’s car two times in the past and accidentally hitting other things with a car. Godfathers wants E-Zone to take a chop back for being a bit confident about chopping him off guard. Kiero volueentered but was shut down by GF and B-Real to protect his chest. The Rock is having a show about his life made and the crew discusses the how similar the cast looks to the actual family members and the rock. E-Zone asks the Godfather if he wrestled with The Rocks dad hilariously and the guys realized John Cena and Gf’s Pimp drop finishing moves are actually the same. The guys plan on a new round of dominoes and The Hotbox game. The guys talk about if they would lick a toad for psychedelic purposes to which no one has but consider the possibilities.