Middle of the week and the crew was feeling the wrestling vibes as energy around the office here at B Real Tv was STRONG. From hanging tough and being a legend, the podcast bring up God Father coming in tomorrow and talk about their favorite wrestling memories.

Bobo wraps up the podcast with a story of his girlfriend making him dinner the night before and she did not tell him while making it but she made Bobo INFUSED canna butter rice. After going for second plate because he enjoyed the rice so much she then let him know it was infused and Bobo had no choice but to enjoy the ride. B-Real was reminded of having a bong session with a friend and one time he got too high he actually starting getting anxiety he had to drive home with the windows down just to relax. E-Zone purposed what if B got home and the same thing happen but he was made dinner infused and just watched the Masked Dancer with wifey. The next day his friend starts laughing when B-Real had to explain to him he got too high last night and he filled him in there was HASH at the bottom of the bowls.

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