Social life is of discussion on todays podcast. B-Real and crew have been seeing a new reality in 2021 already with people still trying to keep the club scene going. E-Zone had scene an underground strip club operating around LA and around the nation. We hope people listen and do what they can to chill out and be sage about gathering. With traveling bans in place around the world in certain countries, E-zone mentions getting a STRONG bit of information that some cannabis companies will be giving free cannabis for getting vaccinated. Bobo goes into a heart touching discussion about asking the public to be smart and us being an actual UNITED states at this time.

The one atmosphere that everyone really misses right now is eating food comfortably. From Benihana to food trucks to craft services on the set of filming, all the guys share their love for the times where they could eat with out restrictions. Bobo tells a story about going to Benihana with “Those he can’t name” and his friends getting a bit too drunk off the sake and getting kicked out but Bobo describes the food sizzling and not getting to eat even breaking his heart. Bobo describes that the girls and few people in the party being obnoxious and they made everyone leave. Bobo tried to plead with the manager to let him just pay for his food he was so hungry. Hangry is a combination of hungry and angry, you do not want to go eat with Bobo if you are in that mood.

We get an update on Crypto-Bobo and BOBOtoken. The BITCOIN is at about 37k according to Bobo and he is seeing a few people start to retire off their profits. We encouraged for BOBOtoken to take off and go buy your own at

E-Zone and B-Real discuss beers and the new flavors they have been checking out.

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